How to Get Free Robux in Roblox (2024)

In Short
  • Robux is the only in-game currency in Roblox that you can buy using real currency.
  • Free Robux can be earned through multiple ways available on the internet.
  • The best ways to earn Free Robux is to use Microsoft Rewards, Create your own games and clothing, etc.

Robux is the in-game currency of Roblox. It can be used to purchase various products, including apparel, accessories, and game passes in popular Roblox games. In Roblox, you can buy Robux using real money. While there is no way to get free Robux without some effort, there are a few legitimate methods that can help you earn free robux.

Included the Latest Microsoft Rewards methods to get free Robux

Ways to Get Free Robux in Roblox

1. Free Robux in Microsoft Rewards

You can earn free Robux using Microsoft Rewards, and it is the best. You just have to do some odd jobs on Bing and perform some specific searches to earn reward points. Then, you can redeem these Microsoft Reward points to get free Roblox with ease. However, the Robux gift card comes and goes in the Microsoft Reward section. Currently, you can earn 800-1000 Robux from Microsoft Rewards.

You need to go to the Microsoft Rewards option to see your points first. Once there, find the Redeem option and you will see the Roblox Digital Card option. You can buy it if you have enough points and redeem the code later on the Roblox website.

2. Make a Game to Earn Robux

One of the best ways to earn a lot of free Robux is by creating a world or game in Roblox. You can gather a couple of friends and enter the world to get Robux. Additionally, if one or more players have a premium subscription, you earn more Robux. This method can be a little tricky. That is why you can learn how to make a Roblox game and get earnings. You can take the easy way out by getting friends in the world and earning Robux, but we would suggest making an engaging and quality game to get more players genuinely.

3. Get Robux by Selling Clothes

If creating a full game or world feels like a challenging task, there are more virtual alternatives to earn Robux. One of them is selling custom clothing in Roblox. If you have a good eye for making clothes like Roblox t-shirts or pants, you can create them and sell them on the Roblox marketplace to other players. A lot of players do sell clothes to make sure you make something unique or eye-catching.

4. Get Free Robux By Playing Games

If you are a Roblox player, you can find some games that can help you earn free Robux. In such games, you must get your stall and sell art, avatars, real people cards, etc. This will let other players buy that stuff or donate you Robux. The games are listed below:

  • PLS Donate: It is a Roblox game where other players can donate Robux. You just have to put up a donation stall and if you are lucky, some players will give you donations.
  • PLS BUY ME: This latest game in Roblox has become quite popular. Here, you can create player cards and put them up for sale to earn Robux. Some good player cards can go up to even a million Robux.
  • Starving Artists: If you have decent art skills and you can make something in the game, then this game is just for you. You can get your stall and sell the art you create for a few Robux.

Note: Roblox does not promote a free Robux generator. If you encounter such things, you should report it to the Roblox report system. Using such a hack to get free Robux can steal your identity and inject malware in your device.

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