Next PUBG Mobile Update With Sanhok Map to Drop on September 12


PUBG Mobile version 0.8.0 has been in beta for quite some time now and mostly all players have a fair idea of what’s coming in the next stable update. And according to a recent tweet from the game’s official Twitter handle, the release isn’t too far away. The tweet reveals that PUBG Mobile will be taken offline for maintenance from 00:00-08:00 (UTC) on September 11 and the Sanhok map, along with all the other changes, will be released starting from September 12.

While the tweet highlights the date and time for the maintenance, it doesn’t say exactly when the game will come online after the maintenance. Instead, the tweet says, “Server may be back online sooner or later depending on maintenance progress.” 

PUBG Mobile

Details about the upcoming update have already been revealed for quite a while now, but in case you’re still not aware here’s a quick look at patch notes for the next major PUBG Mobile update:

  • New Sanhok map for fast paced matches
  • Added ‘Season Archive’ function, which can be accessed in the game season interface to view the data of previous seasons
  • New vehicles: Bulletproof UAZ and Muscle car
  • New weapons: QBZ assault rifle and flare gun to summon special airdrops
  • New attachment: Duckbill muzzle for S1897 and S12K
  • Optimizations:
    • Reduce the additive effect of the accessories on the lumbar spread
    • Adjusted the range of shotgun bullets, the bullets will be more densely distributed
    • Bullets can now penetrate water and hit enemies under water, but the damage will be reduced
    • The M24 sniper rifle will be removed from the airdrop and will be randomly placed around the map
    • The negative effect of the light grip is removed, and the effect is to greatly improve the shooting stability and improve recoil recovery
    • Optimized the fire rebound performance of assault rifles and SMGs
    • Optimized performance of the red dot sight and 8x scope
    • Added ability to replace optical sight pattern and color for the following sights: Red dot, Holographic, and 2x
    • Sensitivity for 3x and 6x scopes can be adjusted
    • 6x and 8x scope zoom performance optimizations
    • Added ability to view the list of spectators in the battle
    • Players can choose their own play strategy before matching to better match players who have a similar play style
    • Limited time clothing can now be dismantled for BP
    • Optimized backpack menu display
    • Modified UI to increase image display of your character and your teammates’ character
    • Added the ability to throw apples on the spawn island
    • Added new gun skins
    • New ‘Boot Camp’ system for additional rewards for new and old players
    • Several bug fixes

According to the in-game maintenance notice, players who update the game before September 21 will get an Outfit Box III (7d) and 1,888 BP. If the developers stick to the release timelines, Indian players will be able to update their games anytime after 13:30 (IST) on September 11, with the new map, weapons and vehicles to be released next day.

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  • Rishay says:

    Fake news about sep 11 updates

    • Pranob Mehrotra says:

      Hi Rishay, as you can probably see from the linked tweet, the information was released by the developers themselves. I’m already aware that the update hasn’t been released yet, which might be why you’re calling it fake news. I think you might have missed the part where I mentioned that the new map, along with the changes, will be released on September 12. If you pay close attention to the headline itself, it says September 12 and not 11.

  • Rasul Khan says:

    Indian players will be able to update their games anytime after 13:30 (IST) on September 11, ???

    Y spreading the fake news ? I’m waiting for the update from 13:30 by following your posts ?

    • Pranob Mehrotra says:

      Hi Rasul, if you pay attention to the part of the sentence directly before the part that you’ve highlighted, you’ll notice that I’ve mentioned “If the developers stick to the release timelines”. So I’m sure you’d agree that I can’t be held responsible for any changes in their timeline. Also, I’ve clearly mentioned in the first paragraph itself that the new map and all the changes will only be released on Sept 12 and not 11. Please go through the article once again and you can reach out to me in case you have any further queries.

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