Best PUBG Mobile Payload Mode Tips to Get that Chicken Dinner

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PUBG Mobile has been around for a while, and I’m sure most of you are aware of the best gameplay strategies, weapon loadouts, and team-tactics that work for you. However, with the addition of the new Payload Mode in the game, the stakes have changed. Weapons are more destructive, new features have been added, and there’s a lot more that’s new. Here are some tips and tricks that should help your squad win at Payload Mode.

1. Use Heavy Weapons

When you land somewhere in Payload Mode, you’ll find a lot of heavy weapons just lying around like regular loot. There’s the new RPG, the Stinger, a Terminator-style machine gun, grenade launchers, Air Strike beacons, and so much more. It can quickly get overwhelming, choosing the best combinations of weapons since you can still only carry two primary weapons and a secondary weapon.

Here’s what to do: everyone on your squad should have one heavy weapon in their primary slots. These are mighty helpful. Grenade launchers make it easy to kill groups of enemies with their splash damage and range as compared to regular grenades. Plus, if you’re carrying a grenade launcher, you don’t need to carry regular HE grenades, and that can save backpack space.

On the other hand, RPGs and Stingers make easy work of helicopters. The Stinger is especially great for this, since it locks on to target vehicles. Also, you can use the Stinger or the RPG to kill enemy players on the ground as well. Enemy hiding behind a tree? Launch an RPG at them. That’s it. Easy peasy.

The Air Strike Beacon is awesome too. It goes into your throwables slot, and you can choose it, and select the area you want to call an airstrike on. This creates a tiny red zone in that area, and planes drop bombs upon bombs in that area. Just make sure you don’t use this for enemies inside buildings, or too close to yourself. If you absolutely have to, consider it “danger close” and retreat out of range of the tiny red zone you created.

2. Super Weapon Crates

Payload Mode also brings “Super Weapon Crates” into the game. These are basically airdrops that pop out from under the ground, so I guess we could call them ground-pops (just kidding). These appear in three random locations on the map simultaneously and are marked on the mini map. One of the easiest ways to get awesome weapons is to gear up just enough to survive and then loot these Super Weapon Crates. Take a chopper and head over to the spot marked on the map.

3. Helicopter Strategies

Helicopters are spread out over the map in Payload Mode. These are great for quickly getting across the map, and will be your greatest allies in getting to Super Weapon Crates that appear on the mini-map and bring Air Drop level loot, including Level 3 gear, AWMs, machine guns, 8x scopes, air strike beacons, and more.

While the choppers themselves don’t have any attached guns or missiles (god, I wish they did, it would’ve been ridiculous… but probably unfair to players on the ground), your teammates can fire while they are in the helicopter. There’s a funny thing here, when you shoot from the helicopter you’ll find yourself sitting on the side-wings. It looks dangerous.

Also, bear in mind that while you’re in a helicopter, you’re basically exposed to attack from all sides, and Stingers will take down your chopper in just about two hits. While you can try to manoeuvre the helicopter like a pro-pilot in a war movie and get away from the rockets, this doesn’t always work, as I found out in a game where we all died because I was being a hero.

Anyway, the easiest way to survive if someone locks a missile on your helicopter is to just jump. Don’t worry, your player automatically opens a parachute so you’ll not lose health if you jump from the chopper.

BRDM-2s Can be Found on the Map

The new amphibious BRDM-2 armoured vehicle may need to be called via a flare gun in regular game modes, but Payload Mode just puts these right on the map. There aren’t a lot of them around though, but you can find one inside garages, for the most part. Get inside one of these, and you can traverse the map relatively safely thanks to their bulletproof tires, and the fact that they can basically become a boat if you run them into water.

Recall Teammates

One of my personal favourite features in the new Payload Mode is the addition of player ID tags. If a teammate dies, you can head over to their crate, and pick up their ID tag within a set time and then head over to a communication tower to recall your teammate. These towers are marked with blue dots on the mini map.

Remember that your teammate will arrive without any of their weapons, gear, or throwables on them, so be a good pal and give them some weapons. Or better yet, take them back to where they died and help them loot their own crate. It’s a little dark, but it’s fun.

Apply Bandages, Consume Healing Items While Moving

Another cool feature in Payload Mode is the fact that you can now apply bandages in quick succession until you reach 75% HP. Plus, you can apply bandages, or consume healing items while you’re running, or in a vehicle. This makes it easy to heal while ensuring you don’t get sniped by someone far away. It’s also helpful if you’re running from the Blue Zone and need to heal or get that speed boost.

Use These Tips to Win in Payload Mode

Well those were some of the things you and your squad can do to help you on your way to becoming a Payload Mode master. So, how many Payload Mode wins do you have in PUBG Mobile? Let us know in the comments.

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