PUBG Still Going Strong With 1 Million Concurrent Players on Steam for an Entire Year


From when it began its journey back in December 2017, PUBG has come a long way, a new genre of games that revolve around the same concept. While it has seen a lot of competition from free-to-play games like Fortnite: Battle Royale, PUBG has maintained a huge fan following and recent statistics released by SteamDB further solidify the claims. According to a recent report from Comicbook, the latest numbers posted by the tracking website show that the game has maintained 1 million concurrent players for an entire year.

Even though the game’s popularity has dipped slightly since around March 2018, the developers’ renewed focus on fixing the game’s several shortcomings seems to have kept the player base interested.

PUBG has now managed to become the first ever game on Valve’s digital distribution platform Steam to reach and keep a million concurrent players every single day for the past year. Although there have been some massive dips, especially after the 3.2 million concurrent players figure it reached back in January this year, the game hasn’t dropped below the one million mark yet.

(Image: SteamDB)

In a bid to keep the player base from leaving because of the game’s plethora of bugs, developer Bluehole announced a campaign early last month to ‘Fix PUBG‘. The campaign, which seeks to address the game’s most glaring shortcomings including its ineffective anti-cheat measures, seems to have had a positive impact on the game.

The first ‘Fix PUBG’ update, which was released soon after the announcement, has already introduced better cheating reports and major bug fixes which has definitely improved the overall player experience.

It’ll definitely be interesting to see if the developers are able to maintain this kind of popularity in the time to come. Other than fixing bugs and optimizing the game to run more smoothly on a variety of systems, the developers will need to focus on releasing new content to keep the player base interested. The developers already seem to be on that path as they recently released a full-fledged training mode, which will allow players to practice in-game skills before jumping into battle.

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