Pokemon GO Ultra Space Wonders Timed Research: All Research Tasks and Rewards

In Short
  • The Ultra Space Wonders event commences on May 23, 2024, at 10:00 AM, and ends on May 28, 2024, at 8:00 P.
  • During this event, you can purchase an event-specific pass for $5, giving you access to various tasks.
  • Completing these tasks will give you an encounter with Mareanie, and other rewards like Ultra Ball, Mega Potion, etc.

Just like last year, the Pokemon GO Ultra Space Wonders event has returned with new timed research. The new timed research gives opportunities to catch the new Pokemon Mareanie, finish new events, and get a lot of exciting rewards. If you plan on participating in the six-day event, then you should arm up by knowing all the research tasks and rewards present in the Pokemon GO Ultra Space Wonders event. So, with that, let’s break it down.

Pokemon GO Ultra Space Wonders: Time and How to Join

The Pokemon GO Ultra Space Wonders event will run from May 23, 2024, at 10:00 AM to May 28, 2024, at 8:00 PM local time. The event is part of the Pokemon GO May roadmap and its final one too.

During the timed special event, you can collect various Pokemon and earn rewards such as potions, Poke Balls, etc. However, unlike the general, special research, you must purchase this event for $5.00, or whatever equivalent value it costs in your location.

Pokemon GO Ultra Space Wonders part of a special tasks in-game

Once you purchase it, you have until May 28, 2024, to finish the tasks. The Pokemon GO Ultra Space Wonders event will appear under the Events tab under the research menu. Make sure you finish it by then to avoid missing out!

Pokemon GO Ultra Space Wonders Timed Event: Research Tasks and Rewards

If you plan to buy the Pokemon GO Ultra Space Wonders timed research, begin by knowing the research tasks and rewards. Furthermore, do note that this might be just Step 1 and others might be introduced as you finish these. So, if you buy the event pass, you’ll need to finish the following:

Catch 5 Poison-type PokemonMareanie Encounter
Earn 2,000 StardustRevive x10
Catch 10 Poison-type PokemonMareanie Encounter
Earn 4,000 StardustHyper Potion x10
Catch 15 Poison-type PokemonMareanie Encounter
Earn 6,000 StardustGreat Ball x15
Catch 20 Poison-type PokemonMareanie Encounter
Earn 8,000 StardustGreat Ball x15
Catch 25 Poison-type PokemonMareanie Encounter
Earn 10,000 StardustUltra Ball x15
Catch 30 Poison-type PokemonMareanie Encounter
Win a RaidLucky Egg x1

If you finish the above tasks within the given timeframe of six days, you’ll receive four Premium Battle Pass, a Mareanie Encounter, and a Nagandel Wings as rewards.

Are you going to be joining the Pokemon GO Ultra Space Wonders event? Let us know in the comments below!

Can you gift an Ultra Space Wonders Timed Research pass to a friend?

Yes. If your friend has a friendship level of great friends or higher, you can gift them an Ultra Space Wonders Pass.

Can you refund the pass after buying it?

No. You cannot refund the pass after purchasing it.

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