How to Beat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring

In Short
  • The Elden Ring Fire Giant while a fairly simple boss can be a menace if not handled properly.
  • You will find the Fire Giant on the Mountaintop of the Giants by following a simple path.
  • The Fire Giant has two phases that must be dealt with a little differently by following the tips below.

I’m sure you know by now that Elden Ring packs a massive variety of in-game bosses. While some throw spears, others are literally on fire, making your life hell. One such boss is the Elden Ring Fire Giant, a humongous foe that can be a natural pest. If you are stuck with him, keep reading as we show how to find, track, and beat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring right here.

Elden Ring Fire Giant Location

Thankfully, tracking the Fire Giant in Elden Ring is a much easier task than beating him. Once you complete the Leyndell encounters and bosses, you’ll take the Grand Lift of Rold to Mountaintop of the Giants.

The Fire Giant location in Elden Ring

Once there, climb to the top, and you’ll see him there. The path to the Giant isn’t too complex, as following the road should bring you straight to him. He is just ahead of the Church of Repose. Do you want us to be even more specific? Refer to the image above to find the Fire Giant in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Fire Giant Weaknesses

Like any boss in Elden Ring, this boss also comes with its own weaknesses, though tiny ones. The Fire Giant is weak to slash attacks. Hence, try to bring one of Elden Ring Katanas or the best Greatswords to the fight. Both of these weapons deal slash damage, which acts to your benefit.

Additionally, elemental attacks like Scarlet Rot and Poison also damage the boss. Hence, if you can, use these two elemental attacks to deal build-up damage.

How to Beat the Elden Ring Fire Giant

The Fire Giant before his second phase in Elden Ring at his location

After you successfully track the Fire Giant in Elden Ring, it is time to take him out. Unfortunately, he is a tall juggernaut who deals fire and striking damage in two phases. Nonetheless, this is Elden Ring, and they aren’t backing down.

First, I suggest ensuring you’re level 105 and above to beat him successfully. Once there, follow the steps above to defeat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring:

Fire Giant First Phase

The first phase of the Elden Ring Fire Giant boss fight is simple if you watch for critical visual cues. As such, here is how you defeat the boss in-game.

  • Stay on your horse: The Fire Giant boss fight can be entirely done on a horse ride. Hence, use your horse to avoid its AOE attacks and stay on his foot.
  • Use Torrent’s Speed to your advantage: When the giant swings his shield on the ground, use your Torrent to dodge and run away quickly.
  • Attack his left foot: The giant’s left foot is pretty weak and covered with breakable coverings. Hence, start attacking this leg over the other covered with ropes and chains. Once that breaks down, the exposed wound helps deal some additional damage.
  • Look out for his aggression: Be careful when removing the foot covering. Fire Giant starts doing fire magic, where he’ll perform an AOE fire attack near his feet and shoot fireballs that blow up when near players.
  • Stick to its feet: Try to stay mostly at its feet. Doing so will make you dodge most of his attacks.
  • Wear proper protection: Since the Fire Giant deals fire and physical damage, it is wise to use a combination of Wondrous Phsyick that negates fire damage while protecting you from incoming physical damage.

Fire Giant Second Phase

Once you get the Fire Giant’s health down to 50%, the second phase of the boss fight begins. The Fire Giant becomes much more erratic, tearing off his foot and putting it on fire. He then uses that same foot to attack players. Pretty gnarly right? Read the tips below to learn how to best handle the second phase:

  • Summon a Spirit Ash: If you have a Spirit Ash in the arena, your Fire Giant should be aggressive towards it. Hence, take this chance to slash at his right foot by staying at the backside.
  • Stick near to his body: Avoid going too far from the Fire Giant, as his ranged attack pack a punch.
  • Look out for his rolls: The Giant now rolls around the map to reposition itself for attacks. The best way to avoid getting hit by this is to stay behind him. If you have been targeting his foot, you are already at an angle where his rolls won’t hit you for the most part.
  • Remember his fire attacks: The Fire Giant uses several fire-based attacks. One is an AOE, where he slams on the ground, and makes it spit fire. The second is an AOE, where the Fire Giant opens his mouth on the stomach and hurls fire again. If you are beneath him, quickly move away from the place.

Following the tips above will ensure you beat the fire giant in Elden Ring easily. Honestly, this is one of the easier main bosses out of the lot in-game. You only need to bring some proper equipment and a weapon to kill him. Have you already beaten the Elden Ring Fire giant? Let us know in the comments below!

Should you summon a Spirit Ash to the Fire Giant boss fight?

Since the Fire Giant boss fight allows you to summon your Spirit Ash, I suggest summoning them. This way, the Fire Giant will get aggressive toward the Spirit Ash over you. However, I do recommend you wait till the second phase to do so.

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