All Pokemon GO Buddy Evolutions and Requirements

In Short
  • Certain Pokemon GO monsters only evolve when they're set as your buddy.
  • Furthermore, you must complete special conditions or buddy tasks to fully evolve them.
  • There are also some unique Pokemon that have unique methods to be evolved.

Pokemon GO has a plethora of unique additions that add value to the game. One such factor is the buddy system that allows trainers to bond with certain Pokemon and evolve them. However, this comes at a price as the system requires players to perform certain tasks with their Pokemon. So if you’re someone interested in this system then keep reading to check out all Pokemon GO Buddy Evolutions right here.

Pokemon GO Buddy Evolutions: Weather and Time

Let’s first look at Pokemon that evolve only during a certain time and weather as your buddy. One great example is Eevee, who evolves into Espeon and Umbreon only when you walk during a time of the day. Check out Pokemon GO Eevee Evolutions to get a better idea.

PokemonEvolution FormCandy RequirementEvolution Requirement
AmauraAurorus50 Amaura CandyEvolve during day
CosmoemSolgaleo100 Cosmog CandyEvolve during day
CosmoemLunala100 Cosmog candyEvolve during night
EeveeEspeon25 Eevee CandyWalk 10 km with Eevee as buddy and evolve during day
EeveeUmbreon23 Eevee CandyWalk 10 km with Eevee as buddy and evolve it during night.
FomantisLurantis50 Fomantis CandyEvolve during day
Hisuan SneaselSneasler100 Sneasel CandyWalk 7 km with Sneasel as buddy and evolve during the day
RockruffMidday form of Lycanroc50 Rockruff CandyEvolve during day
RockruffMidnight form of Lycanroc50 Rockruff CandyEvolve during night
SliggooGoodra100 Goomy CandyEvolve during rainy weather
TyruntTyrantum50 Tyrunt CandyEvolve during day
UrsaringUrsaluna100 Teddiursa CandyEvolve during the night when there is a full moon
YungoosGumshoos50 Yungoos CandyEvolve during day

Pokemon GO Buddy Evolutions: Special Buddy Tasks

Certain Pokemon GO monsters have specific buddy tasks that must be fulfilled for them to evolve. You can find these tasks under the Pokemon details, beneath their evolve button. Of course, you need to ensure they are set as your buddy to evolve them. So, let’s take a look at these Pokemon:

PokemonEvolution FormCandy RequirementEvolution Requirement
EeveeSylveon25 Eevee CandyEarn 70 Hearts
Galarian SlowpokeGalarian Slowbro50 Slowpoke CandyCatch 30 Poison-type Pokemon
Galarian SlowpokeGalarian Slowking50 Slowpoke CandyCatch 30 Psychic-type Pokemon
Galarian Farfetch’dSirfetch’d50 Slowpoke CandyMake 10 excellent throws while catching
Galarian YamaskRunerigus50 Slowpoke CandyTake part in 10 raids
PanchamPangoro50 Pancham CandyCatch 32 Dark-type Pokemon
SwirlixSlurpuff50 Swirlix CandyFeed Swirlix 25 berries
SpritzeeAromatisse50 Spritzee CandyUse an Incense

Pokemon GO Buddy Evolutions: Unique Methods

Unlike the previous two methods, these Pokemon don’t necessarily have to be your buddy to evolve into their next form. They do have requirements, which you fulfill. However, there are only four such Pokemon in the entire game. Let’s take a look at them!

PokemonEvolution FormCandy RequirementEvolution Requirement
InkayMalamar50 Inkay CandyTurn the device upside down and select Evolve
TyrogueHitmonchan25 Tyrogue CandyIts attack needs to be its highest IV
TyrogueHitmonlee25 Tyrogue CandyIts defense needs to be its highest IV
TyrogueHitmontop25 Tyrogue CandyIts HP needs to be its highest IV

That is all you should know about all the buddy evolutions in Pokemon GO. So which Pokemon did you evolve first? Let us know in the comments below!

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