Psychic Pokemon Strength, Weakness and Resistance

In Short
  • Psychic Pokemon are strong against Poison and Fighting-type Pokemon.
  • However, they will take damage from Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type Pokemon.
  • A psychic Pokemon can resist its fellow Psychic and Fighting Pokemon easily.

One of the rarer Pokemon types to capture, Psychic is an unmatched group of monsters that packs an intense combination. If you’ve encountered one of these, you know how their confusion always hinders you. Regardless of whether you own a psychic Pokemon or simply want to know its strengths, weaknesses, and resistance, we have you covered. So, with that, let’s begin breaking down the psychic Pokemon right here!

Psychic Pokemon Strengths

Psychic Pokemon strengths
Psychic Pokemon strengths as of Gen 2

Let’s first look at the strength of these monsters. Fortunately, psychic Pokemon strengths have remained unchanged across generations. So even if you pick up the first generation of games today after playing Scarlet, you’ll be able to benefit from the same strengths that come with your Psychic Pokemon.

So, if you have an Abra and want it to fight during encounters, you should know that psychic Pokemon’s strengths include Poison and Fighting-type Pokemon. As such, Abra’s special deals effective damage against a Mankey or a Koffin. So always ensure to send out this Pokemon when fighting against them, and watch them fumble to confusion.

Psychic Pokemon Weaknesses

Psychic Pokemon weaknesses

Unlike the previous section, Psychic Pokemon saw their weaknesses change twice across generations.

When the Pokemon type was first introduced in generation one, psychic types would fare worse against only a Bug-type. This means your Abra will struggle to fight against a Scyther, as they’ll take greater damage than you’d think.

But, when the second generation of games rolled in, the weakness increased from Bug-type to Ghost and Dark-type. So now, you’d had to worry about fighting against a Gengar too. So, if you use an Abra or any Psychic ones in the fight, keep their weakness in check against a Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type Pokemon.

Psychic Pokemon Resistance

Psychic Pokemon also come with their own share of control, which makes them resistant to Fighting and fellow psychic types. So, send out your Abra to fight against an Alakazam or a Mankey, as their attacks will hardly put a scratch on them.

We hope you now know all the Psychic Pokemon’s strengths, weaknesses, and resistance. Arm yourself with this knowledge and go out and win every battle! Do you have a top choice? Let us know about your favorite Psychic Pokemon in the comments below.

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