Pokemon GO Mega Pidgeot Raid Guide

In Short
  • The Mega Pidgeot is the mega form of the popular Pokemon Pidgeot in Pokemon GO.
  • While this Pokemon's strengths include being powerful against Fighting, Bug, and Grass-type, its weaknesses include Rock, Electric, and Ice-type.
  • Mega Pidgeot has a lot of good counters, including Tyranitar, Diancie, Manectric, and more.

The month of May is all about Mega Raids in Pokemon Go. Besides the likes of Mega Gyarados, a lot of strong contenders are making an entry. One such Pokemon is Mega Pidgeot, the evolved form of the flying type. As the monster prepares to go live in Boss Raids from May 23 to June 1, you must be prepared with its exact playbook. Learn all about it using our Mega Pidgeot raid guide below.

Mega Pidgeot Strengths and Weaknesses

Mega Pidgeot Raid as seen in the anime
Image Courtesy: Pokemon Anime/Nintendo

Mega Pidgeot is a Normal/Flying-type Pokemon. Since this monster has the same qualities as a Pidgeot, its strengths include being super effective against fighting, bug, and grass-type Pokemon. Hence, avoid adding any monsters belonging to these three categories at all.

Fortunately, this mega Pokemon has a lot of disadvantages. It is specifically weak against Rock, Electric, and Ice-type Pokemon. Additionally, if you can bring a Pokemon with a mix of any of the three mentioned elements, they’ll be much more effective.

Mega Pidgeot Counters

Mega Pidgeot Raid Fight best counters

Now that we know Mega Pidgeot’s weaknesses let’s talk about its best counters. To save you time, these are:

  • Tyranitar or Mega Tyranitar: (Smack Down and Stone Edge)
  • Diancie or Mega Diancie: (Rock Throw and Rock Slide)
  • Manectric or Mega Manectric: (Thunder Fang and Wild Charge)
  • Electivire: (Thunder Shock and Wild Charge)
  • Xurkitree: (Spark and Discharge)
  • Zekrom: (Charge Beam and Fusion Bolt)

While any Pokemon belonging to the rock, electric, and ice-type will do, I suggest bringing Tyranitar, Diancie, or Manectric to the fight. If you have their Mega variant, that’s even better.

How to Add Mega Pidgeot to Your Team

Now that we know what Pokemon to bring to the fight and what the weaknesses are, it is time to act upon the raid. First, ensure you people are at a party, and I suggest bringing two extra friends at minimum. Once you people are together, join the battle with Pokemon that counters the boss and defeats it. Remember, all of you require a Raid Pass to join the fight.

Successfully dodging and withstanding its attack will result in two situations. If you don’t have a Pidgeot in your party, you’ll get an extra reward to catch the Pokemon. If you already have one, you’ll receive Mega energy. Once you have 100 Mega Energy, select your Pidgeot and evolve it to its strongest form.

Were you able to capture this elusive Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below!

Can you encounter a shiny Mega Pidgeot in-game?

This month, shiny Mega Pidgeot is available in the rotation as part of the Mega Raids. The spawn rate is low, and adding them to your party is even tougher than one might expect. Furthermore, this variation will be hard to spot, as a Shiny Pidgeot has some subtle yellow tones.

Does a Mega Pidgeot have an evolution?

Mega Pidgeot is the ultimate form of the Pokemon. As such, it has no further evolution.

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