How to Get Master Ball in Pokemon GO

In Short
  • The Master Ball is an extremely rare item in Pokeball. It is only given as a reward for time-specific events.
  • You don't have any method to get one, unless you redeemed the Catching Wonders special research in-between May 14 to 19.
  • A Master Ball guarantees capture upon usage, even if you miss hitting the Pokemon.

Out of all the items in Pokemon GO, the Master Ball is definitely one of the most elusive. The ball’s rarity and utility make it one of the most sought-after items in Pokemon GO. Unfortunately, Niantic releases the Master Ball only through limited Pokemon GO events. As the Pokemon GO World of Wonders season continues, players have had the chance to get Masterball. If you’re one of the few who desperately want it, keep reading to learn how!

How to Get Master Ball in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Master Ball as seen in the Pokemon Games

As mentioned above, the Master Ball is a unique item in-game that only appears for a limited time. These come in the form of limited events you need to complete. Unless you finish them, you won’t reap the rewards and lose the chance of getting a Master Ball.

As of May 14, 2024, 10 AM local time, the game introduced a new event called Pokemon GO Catching Wonders as part of its May roadmap. This event allowed you to participate in the special research “Masterwork Research: Catching Wonders.

You’ll immediately get it in your research tab. However, remember that this is a limited-time research event since Catching Wonders in Pokemon GO is a limited-time event.

Hence, if you didn’t log into Pokemon GO before May 19, 8:00 PM local time, you have missed your chances of getting the event. There is no end-time for the long Masterwork Research, so I suggest finishing it before the deadline.

When and How to Use Master Ball in Pokemon GO

Thankfully, using a Master Ball in Pokemon GO is the same as using a normal Pokeball. The good thing about the Pokemon GO Master Ball is that you are guaranteed to catch the Pokemon. So even if you miss, your Master Ball won’t.

When do you use the Poke Ball? In my opinion, and every player echoes the same thoughts, Master Ball should only be used to capture a legendary or extremely rare Shiny Pokemon. Ultimately, it is your choice. However, I hope you make the right decision and only use it when necessary.

I hope you now know how to get and use Master Ball in Pokemon GO. Still have doubts? Drop your questions in the comments below!

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