PlayStation 5 Digital Edition May Cost Below $400: Report

playstation 5 showcase september 16

Sony is all set to showcase its next-gen console, PlayStation 5 tomorrow (September 16 at 1 PM PDT) but the PS5 rumors have still not stopped. A new report from Bloomberg hints at the pricing and availability of PS5.

According to Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Masahiro Wakasugi, the standard PS5 console could be priced at $449 and the digital version may launch below $400. While the digital-only PS5’s price is not exactly known yet, the speculated price of the disc version of PS5 is 50 dollars cheaper than the Xbox Series X.

The report also reveals a few specifics about the PS5’s availability. It says that Sony has reduced the estimated production of PS5 by a whopping 4 million units for this financial year. After the reduction, Sony plans to produce around 11 million units by the end of March 2021.

Going by Bloomberg‘s sources, Sony is cutting down production due to issues with its custom SoC aimed to be used in the console. The yields are improving but are currently in an unstable state, as per the report.

If you have been closely following PlayStation 5 news lately, you might recall that Sony increased PS5 production by 50 percent in July. The company had planned to raise production now that people have turned to games during the pandemic. Sony’s plans to utilize the situation will take a hit if its situation with production doesn’t improve.

As per quoted analysts, these issues in production may affect Sony’s profit margins. It remains to be seen if Sony would bump up the price to make up for it, but chances are, it won’t, mainly due to the competition from Xbox.

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