Oppo’s First-Gen Under-Display Selfie Camera Sacrifices on Image Quality

oppo under screen selfie camera phone

Oppo is scheduled to show off the world’s first under-display selfie camera smartphone tomorrow at its MWC Shanghai 2019 event. We’ve already got the first look at this new technology earlier this month, with a teaser for the prototype revealed earlier this week. Well, Oppo today shed light on one of the most important aspects of their under-display camera – the imaging quality.

Oppo VP Brain Shen took to Weibo today to share his initial impressions of the under-display camera, saying that one shouldn’t expect the best imaging quality from Oppo’s technology right now. It isn’t able to offer the same lossless quality as the non-under-screen selfie cameras, to which he also joked about wiping the screen to get an improved image quality (LOL).

You can check out his complete statement, translated from Chinese to English, for your convenience:

oppo under-display camera statement

As you can see in the screenshot above, Shen himself is concerned with the loss in image quality (which we will learn more about tomorrow) and says it’s essential over simply placing a camera under the screen to offer an increased screen-to-body ratio. I mean, you don’t want a potato-like image quality, right?

Shen appears to have presented this statement just a day before Oppo shows off the under-display camera to dispell some of the high expectations. I know we’re all really excited for a future with zero bezels and all-screens. However, even though Oppo’s is taking that first step with its under-display solution, there could obviously be kinks in prototypes.

The kinks will need to be addressed before mass rollout, which shouldn’t be expected anytime soon. A loss in image quality is one of the major problems and Oppo will fix it down the line, as it did fix the unlocking speed of its under-display fingerprint sensors. Simply put, this means Oppo will probably not be rolling out a phone with an under-display selfie camera this year. Disappointed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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