OpenAI’s GPT Store is Now Live at Last!

gpt store is now live
In Short
  • OpenAI has finally made the GPT Store public after multiple delays, and it is rolling out gradually.
  • The GPT Store hosts publicly available GPTs for various categories, including Programming, Education, Productivity, Lifestyle, and more.
  • The GPT Store is only accessible to ChatGPT Plus users for both creating and interacting with custom GPTs.

After multiple delays, OpenAI has finally rolled out the GPT Store. Earlier, we reported that OpenAI is mulling to launch the GPT Store as early as next week, and today, the company has indeed walked the talk. ChatGPT Plus users can now explore a wide selection of publicly available GPTs (created by users) and interact with them for several different purposes. Here is the first look at the GPT Store.

Discover Custom Versions of ChatGPT on the GPT Store

The GPT Store is a public-facing repository of custom versions of ChatGPT. You can think of it as an app store of GPTs. However, the GPT Store is not available to all users. Only paid ChatGPT Plus users can create and use custom GPTs from the GPT Store, and currently, it is rolling out to users gradually.

OpenAI has made several categories for the GPT Store, including Writing, Research and Analysis, Programming, Education, Productivity, Lifestyle, and more.

For starters, OpenAI has developed several first-party GPTs such as Data Analyst, Creative Writing Coach, Coloring Book Hero, Game Time, genz 4 meme, The Negotiator, Tech Support Advisor, etc. Users can also create their own personalized GPT and assign extra skills, feed knowledge from local files, and set custom instructions as to how the custom GPT should behave.

Keep in mind that GPTs are not public by default, even when link sharing is enabled. You will have to publish your GPT as Public to get it featured on the GPT Store for everyone to see. Besides that, there is also a “Global View” in the GPT Store that displays GPTs across various geographies and languages.

It would be interesting to see where the GPT Store goes from here. OpenAI further stated that GPT creators would be able to monetize and receive money based on the usage of their GPTs. However, we don’t know the specifics of the monetization program yet. So are you excited for the GPT Store? Let us know in the comment section below.

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