OpenAI is Finally Launching the GPT Store Next Week

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In Short
  • OpenAI has finally decided to launch the GPT Store in the second week of January.
  • The company is sending emails to GPT Builders to make their GPTs public if they want them featured in the store.
  • You can create a custom version of ChatGPT with GPTs and assign extra skills as well.

After multiple delays, OpenAI is finally ready to launch the public GPT Store sometime next week. The company is sending out emails to users who have signed as GPT Builders that the GPT Store is going live next week. It’s also reminding users to publish their custom GPTs as public (as opposed to Anyone with a link) to get featured on the GPT Store. There is also a plan to monetize the GPTs and pay the creators but not much detail is out yet.

At the OpenAI developer conference in November 2023, the company unveiled custom GPTs and announced that the GPT Store would go live later that month. However, only a few days after the conference, ChatGPT faced DDoS attacks that delayed the Store launch even further.

OpenAI is Finally Launching the GPT Store Next Week

Not to mention, the OpenAI board decided to fire Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, and re-hired him after days of chaotic developments.

When things got back to normal in December, OpenAI said that the GPT Store would be delayed even further and would be released in early 2024. And come January, OpenAI is finally ready to launch the much-anticipated GPT Store. You can build your custom version of ChatGPT with extra knowledge, skills, instructions, and more.

They are not like AI agents that can perform actions for you but are more like custom versions of ChatGPT, built for a specific purpose.

As the GPT Store gets popular and people seem to use your custom chatbot more, you’re likely to get paid by OpenAI. Discoverability of your GPT is also something you need to keep in your mind. So make sure to make them public and not just publish them with link sharing turned on. If you have not tried GPTs yet, you can follow our tutorial and create your own personalized ChatGPT bot.

Bear in mind that GPTs are only available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers and Enterprise customers. So what do you think about the idea of having an App Store of GPTs? Let us know in the comment section below.

VIA The Verge
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