How To Open A Closed Tab In Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE

Many of us are avid users of the Internet, and that includes browsing the web through a web browser most of the times. Now, no matter what your favorite web browser is, often we may close a tab mistakenly, and then struggle to open it again and browse the page which we left last time. Or it may happen that we close the entire browser by mistake and need the old tabs back. In this post, I bring to our readers the shortest ways to open a recently closed tab and tabs closed by closing the browser window, for all the major browsers out there.

How To Open A Closed Tab in Google Chrome

Chrome from Google has really the shortest way to open the last closed tab. Just press Ctrl+Shift+T and it will open the last closed tab. You can also open it by right clicking the title bar and choosing reopen closed tab from there.

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Another quick way to open the last tab will be to go to the history (Ctrl+h) and click on the page title you just closed.

If you close the browser window accidently and want to restore opening them, luckily there is a way. Google Chrome remembers last 10 tabs that you have closed, and you can get all of them by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T repeatedly. If however, you want this to be a default behavior, you can go to Google Chrome settings and choose to continue where you left off on startup.

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How To Open A Closed Tab in Mozilla Firefox

Firefox follow the same analogy as of Chrome. You just press Ctrl+Shift+T and you can open the last closed tab instantly. Right clicking on the title bar also works, however, here, the option is ‘Undo Close Tab’ rather than reopen closed tab.

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If the page you are looking for is not the last closed page, you can always go to History view by pressing Ctrl+H and search the page from there.

Mozilla Firefox, however, is not intuitive as Chrome. But if it crashes for some reason, it always prompts you to restore the last session automatically. Also, it warns you if you attempt to close multiple tabs. If you are out of luck in both cases, you can always go to Firefox start page and click on Restore Previous Session from there.


You can also change the Firefox settings to continue where you left off at startup.

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How To Open A Closed Tab in Safari

Apple’s Safari has an even more simpler shortcut if you mistakenly close a tab and want to bring it up again. Just press Cmd+Z. This will open the most recent tab that you closed.

If you closed multiple tabs then you may have to navigate to history by using the menu or keyboard shortcut (Option+Cmd+2) and click on the tabs you want to open.

If you accidentally closed the browser window and want to restore them back, there is an easy way in safari. All you need to do is browse to history and click on “Reopen All Windows From Last Session”.

How To Open A Closed Tab in Internet Explorer

For the last closed tab, the shortcut is similar to Firefox and Chrome. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+T will open it. You can navigate to history and start clicking to tabs that you closed to open them again in case you need to open multiple tabs.

Internet Explorer is quite smart, incase you closed the entire browser window and want to restore them all back. All you need to do is open a new tab and click on Reopen last browsing session. You can also find the same option in tools menu for some older versions of IE.

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We hope this tutorial about opening an accidentally closed tab in prominent browsers will never make you lose web pages you visit and you can boost your productivity significantly.

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