One Piece Chapter 1115: We Get a First Look at Joy Boy

In Short
  • One Piece Chapter 1115 spoilers include a panel with the silhouette of Joy Boy, the first pirate.
  • In this panel, Joy Boy was shown battling the rebel army of the 20 Kingdom's coalition in his Gear 5 form.
  • Joy Boy's silhouette is a replica of Luffy's iconic Gear 5 form. A large cloud is seen floating over his neck just like Luffy.

Eiichiro Oda often tantalizes his fans with a silhouette of characters who are yet to be revealed in the manga. This has been a tradition from the beginning, and we can’t forget the hilarious silhouettes of the Yonko back then. Now, in One Piece chapter 1115, we finally get a glimpse at the legendary pirate Joy Boy with a silhouette in one of the panels. Find out what Joy Boy looks like in One Piece.

Spoilers Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers about the story and characters of One Piece. So, we suggest reading the manga (up to latest chapter 1115) beforehand in order to avoid ruining the intended experience.

Joy Boy Resembles Our Beloved Pirate Luffy

Luffy posing as Nika
Image Courtesy: Fandom Wiki

As Vegapunk continued to broadcast his message to the world in chapter 1115 of One Piece, a panel featuring the silhouette of Joy Boy was shown in the manga.

As the scientist revealed in his broadcast, there was a war ongoing between Joy Boy, the first pirate in One Piece, and the alliance of kingdoms. This panel showed Joy Boy in his Gear 5 form up in the air against people who are likely wearing a crown.

In the previous chapters, it was mentioned that Joy Boy battled against his enemies using Nika’s abilities, making him the former owner of the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika (Luffy’s devil fruit, as explained in our Luffy’s gears guide). Now, Joy Boy’s silhouette exactly matches the appearance of Luffy in Gear 5 form. As per One Piece chapter 115 spoilers, you can see a big cloud hovering above his neck, which makes me believe Joy Boy’s Gear 5 also has a white motif.

From the day we saw the big Straw Hat in the possession of Imu, we have been leaning towards the opinion of Joy Boy being a giant. Now that Joy Boy is confirmed to have been revered in the fable of the Giants, I feel that this theory could become a reality. Furthermore, the day Zunesha announced that Joy Boy had returned when Luffy unlocked Gear 5, we knew that this day would come when we would meet a person very similar to Luffy.

Last year, Oda teased us with the silhouettes of the Five Elders in their devil forms, and later on, the devil forms were unveiled this year. Thus, with Joy Boy’s tale being shared with everyone I think we would get to see the complete appearance of the first pirate in the manga soon.

That said, what do you think about Joy Boy’s silhouette in chapter 1115 of One Piece? Let us know in the comments below.

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