One Piece: What is Dr. Vegapunk’s Message?

When Dr. Vegapunk was at the brink of death he revealed that he had to share the truth about the One Piece world with the citizens and that he had prepared a pre-recorded video for it. As a result, when Vegapunk’s heart stopped beating, his message began to transmit (similar to a live stream) to people worldwide.

Since the One Piece manga has been taking several breaks over the past few months, we have been eagerly waiting to learn the complete truth from the message. However, the scientist has disclosed some unimaginable secrets in the last few chapters. So, if you’re wondering what is Dr. Vegapunk’s message to the world, you have come to the right place.

Spoilers Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers about the story and characters of One Piece. So, we highly suggest reading the manga (up to the latest chapter) beforehand in order to avoid ruining the intended experience.

Vegapunk’s Message Broadcasted to the World

Dr. Vegapunk along with Luffy, Chopper and Jinbe
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation (Fandom Wiki)

With the Five Elders arriving and Straw Hats trying to escape Egghead Island, Dr. Vegapunk started broadcasting his message to the world in manga chapter 1113 of One Piece.

Dr. Vegapunk’s broadcast started with him saying that the message in the “video would connect the entire world.” At the time of writing, he essentially confirmed that he committed two grave sins and that this broadcast was programmed to only begin after his heart stopped beating.

Before we move to the message itself, here are Vegapunk’s initial words of the broadcast:

I have committed two sins. Therefore whether I’m arrested or executed, I shall program this message to be broadcast when my heart stops beating.

So when we were left to wonder if Dr. Vegapunk is dead or alive in One Piece, this key information proved that death knocked at his door. As expected, this sent shockwaves across every nation and shattered everyone’s hearts. Whilst this was happening, the smartest man on the planet wanted to clear the air, so he added:

I want to make one thing clear first. Whoever may have rendered their judgement unto me, I am not trying to convince you that their intention is evil. Because I understand too little about HIM to begin with.

Now this is a tricky statement, as Vegapunk was struck by his colleague St. Saturn and later on by his friend Kizaru, thus, leading to his untimely demise.

Even before being killed on Egghead Island, the brilliant scientist mentioned that he didn’t consider the one demanding his life be taken away to be evil (we talk more about this character below). Right after sharing his perspective, Vegapunk dropped a major truth bomb that shook the entire world:

What am I about to tell you is so preposterous, you might even burst into laughter. However, you all have the right to know. To make a long story short, the world as we know it… will sink into sea!

Vegapunk asserted that the citizens deserved to know the truth about the world, however, it indeed sounded as absurd as he claimed. Because the fact that most of the landmass in the One Piece world was about to sink into the sea was not something that most couldn’t wrap their minds around.

When Imu destroyed the Lulusia Kingdom, the sea level rose by 1 meter already. Now imagine what will happen if this gets repeated multiple times, I think that is what he meant by that.

Shocking Truth About the Void Century

the Great Kingdom in One Piece
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation (Fandom Wiki)

Vegapunk’s statement about the world submerging into the sea sent people across the world into a frenzy. I mean it is a natural reaction to that statement, right?

We returned to the broadcast in chapter 1114, where Dr. Vegapunk went on to reveal a lot more information about a topic considered taboo in the One Piece world. Yeah, Vegapunk defied the World Government and researched the poneglyphs to learn about the Void Century in the shadows.

But first, the scientist revealed that a massive earthquake will shake the planet, possibly being one of the causes of the rise in sea level. Vegapunk said,

Now, speaking of the near-future for me.. Assuming that the sensors I built are functioning correctly, there should be a most remarkable earthquake that strikes the entire planet.

Indeed, he was right on the money with that as Imu destroying the Lulusia Kingdom resulted in an increase in sea level, and that directly resulted in the giant earthquake today in the One Piece realm. So, this genius was able to predict this calamity during the recording of this video which again made people go crazy after listening to his predictions. He further elaborated:

As a result of that, the sea should rise about one meter around the world, rendering some islands uninhabitable. Beaches around the world will be lost for good. If I am wrong in this prediction, feel free to disregard the rest of this message. If this has happened, however you should heed my words very carefully!! This particular earthquake is not exactly what i would call… a natural phenomenon.

Not only did he predict the earthquake but also the disaster that was to follow in the fantasy world of One Piece. He reaffirmed that people could ignore his message if this catastrophe he predicted didn’t turn into reality. As it did happen, Vegapunk remarked that the earthquake that happened today was not a natural one as it was caused by someone’s actions (as we know, Imu’s). Moreover, Vegapunk followed this by stating the sins he had committed in search of world peace:

In my own way, I only ever hoped for peace. But this was the root of my first sin, I dreamt of a source of endless, eternal energy… to push the world forward into the future. I flew too close to the sun! Allow me to explain, that is happening to our world.

Dr. Vegapunk was a man of science and went to great lengths to achieve his goals and global peace. To achieve this dream, he wished to make a source of endless energy, one that could see the whole world advance together. This dream is compared to Icarus in literature who was warned not to fly too close to the sun and not to forget chapter 1114’s title was “The Wings of Icarus.”

Then the old man went on to explain the “Void Century” to the people who weren’t aware of it in the world, as people are prohibited from learning and talking about it.

From about 900 years ago to 800 years ago – a period of a century, there is a span of history that is completely and entirely blank. We call this the void century, because all records from this time were eliminated. The only means to know this lost piece of history is to find a message from the past in the form of ponegliffs scattered across the world and decipher its contents!

We, readers, are well aware of what a poneglyph is and the locations of each polyglyph shown in the anime or manga so far. Vegapunk recapped the importance of this huge rock to the citizens and then revealed his second sin:

However, the world government has made it a crime of the highest order to decipher the message of the ponegliffs and despite being a member of the government myself I broke this law. That was my second sin. Through the sheer tenacity of a group of excellent archaeologists, I inherited some texts and a number of texts and a number of ponegliffs, which i have deciphered and continued studying to the best of my ability. I regret none of this! History, you see, tells a story…

Nico Robin is still being chased by the World Government to be executed since she was 8 because she knows how to read poneglyphs. With the consequences in mind, Vegapunk went on to decode the mystery of poneglyphs.

The archaeologists he mentioned here are probably the people from Ohara who dedicated their lives to learning the truth and just like them he didn’t have any regrets for learning the deciphering these poneglyphs. History is a story after all and Vegapunk shared the tale during the “void century” with the world:

In other words, what I know is an incomplete story of that 100- year void!! It would be dishonest to fill the blanks with my own speculation, so I will leave you only with the verified truth!! The main character of this story was born into a kingdom with an impossibly advanced civilization, 900 years ago. Like the Sun God Nika spoken of in elbaph legend, he fought with a body that stretched and contracted. His name was JOY BOY and he was the very first man on this sea to be called a pirate!!!

Chapter 1114 unraveled the long-standing mystery about the legend of Joy Boy, thanks to Vegapunk. If you are still wondering who is Joy Boy in One Piece, you can check out our dedicated article. He is now revealed to be the first-ever pirate in this world and also the man who left behind the legendary treasure One Piece.

That’s everything we know so far from Dr. Vegapunk’s message to the world up to chapter 1114. We now eagerly anticipate the release of chapter 1115, which will shed more light on the mysteries and questions surrounding Joy Boy. That said, what do you think about Dr. Vegapunk’s message to the world? Let us know in the comments below.

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