One Piece Chapter 1114: Oda Reveals the World’s First Pirate

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In Short
  • In chapter 1114, Vegapunk talked about a certain iconic individual that we are already familiar with and admitted that he knows very little about this 100-year-old story.
  • Joy Boy, who was born approximately 900 years ago, is regarded as the central figure of this story involving a void century. As Luffy fights now with the power of Sun God Nika, Joyboy too is said to have utilized the rubbery powers back then.
  • Moreover, according to Vegapunk, he was the first person to be termed a "Pirate" in this world and the very first individual to set sail for the oceans.

Lately, the One Piece manga has been making fans feel the intensity of the final saga of the series with jaw-dropping revelations in each chapter. Even after his death, Dr. Vegapunk is currently busy unraveling the mysteries of the world, starting with Joy Boy in his message to the world.

In the final moments of One Piece chapter 1114, Dr. Vegapunk spilled the beans about one of the greatest characters ever, who is now confirmed to be the first pirate in One Piece. Find out more details about this character below.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers about the story and characters of One Piece. Thus, we highly recommend you to read up to the latest chapter (1114) in order to avoid ruining your intended experience.

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In manga chapter 1114, Dr. Vegapunk continued delivering his message to the world. Toward the end, the scientist broke the taboo and started to talk about the Void Century information inscribed on the Poneglyphs that are scattered across the seas. He mentioned that he knows only little about this 100-year-long tale and talked about a specific iconic figure who we already know.

It was none other than “Joy Boy” who is considered the star of the Void century tale. It is now confirmed that he was born around 900 years ago. Just as we predicted, Joyboy also used rubbery powers, similar to how Luffy uses the power of Sun God Nika right now.

But what’s more surprising is the fact that Vegapunk stated he was the first person to set sail to the seas and the very first person to be called a “Pirate” in the One Piece world.

Time after time, the Egghead arc is proving to us why it’s inching to become the best arc ever in One Piece. I, along with other fans, are waiting with bated breath for every upcoming chapter’s release. I am super excited to learn more details about the Void Century and the legend of Joy Boy in the next chapters. That said, let us know your thoughts about Joy Boy in the comments below.

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