The Five Elders (Gorosei) in One Piece: Names & Powers

The Gorosei, who are popularly known as the “Five Elders,” made their first appearance back in episode 151 of One Piece. Ever since then, their existence began to instill these puzzling questions—who they are, how strong they are, what they desire, and many other questions. Now, after more than hundreds of chapters and episodes, we are finally starting to learn about these mysterious figureheads in One Piece. Therefore, read on to learn all about the names and titles of the Five Elders, their objectives, the devil’s powers, and other things in One Piece.

Who are the Five Elders (Gorosei) in One Piece

Five Elders aka Gorosei in One Piece anime
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation (Fandom)
  • Japanese Name: 五老星 (Gorosei)
  • Debut: Anime Episode 151 and Manga Chapter 233

The Five Elders, also called Gorosei, are the highest authoritative figures in the One Piece universe. Together, they govern and rule the One Piece world, having the utmost authority and the three great powers (Cipher Pol, Marines, Seraphims, and the Warlords of the Sea) at their disposal. Technically, one could even say they are the highest-ranking World Nobles (or Celestial Dragons). However, no information is available regarding how they got promoted to these ranks nor how long they have been ruling the world by forming the World Government.

Until the Levely arc in One Piece, we believed that they were the supreme leaders of this world. However, the introduction of Imu abruptly shifted the authority rankings of the World Government. These five elders were nominal leaders who secretly posed in the front and perfectly hid the presence of their true leader Imu, who was ruling from the shadows. As you can guess, they devoted their lives to Imu and continued to work for them to date.

Titles and Positions of the Gorosei

Official titles and names of the Gorosei or Five Elders in One Piece
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Eiichiro Oda (Fandom)

As revealed in One Piece manga Chapter 1086, each of the five elders is given a position inside the World Government based on their field of politics. The titles along with the name of the Gorosei are as follows:

  • Warrior God of Agriculture – St. Shepherd Ju Peter
  • Warrior God of Finance – St. Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro
  • Warrior God of Justice – St. Topman Warcury
  • Warrior God of Environment – St. Marcus Mars
  • Warrior God of Science and Defense – St. Jaygarcia Saturn

By sitting in these positions, the Gorosei secretly rule and manipulate the whole world and they answer only to Imu-sama. The Five Elders are also named after planets in our solar system, and there is a wild theory for why their names are so important.

Roles and Demonic Powers of Five Elders in One Piece

Chapter 1110 of One Piece introduced the Five Elders in their devilish forms for the first time in history where they descended to Egghead Island to stop Dr. Vegapunk’s transmission. This is where we learn about the official names of their awakened demonical (yōkai) forms which are inspired by various mythologies around the globe, they are as follows:

  • St. Jaygarcia Saturn – Gyūki (Ox/Cow-Demon)
  • St. Marcus Mars – Itsumade (Eerie Bird)
  • St. Topman Warcury – Fengxi (Monster Boar)
  • St. Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro – Bakotsu (Skeletal Horse)
  • St. Shepherd Ju Peter – Sand Worm (Mongolian Death Worm)

That said, learn about the powers and roles of each of the five elders below:

1. St. Jaygarcia Saturn

Saint Jaygarcia Saturn in One Piece anime
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation (Fandom)
  • Title: Warrior God of Science and Defense
  • Demonic Title: Gyūki

Saint Jaygarcia Saturn is in charge of the area of Science and Defense and can easily be recognized by the big scar on his face. He is the first Gorosei to get the limelight as he plays a major role in the ongoing Egghead Island arc (one of the best arcs in One Piece). In manga chapter 1094, Saturn stepped onto the battlefield. After years of wondering and waiting, we got to see the devil fruit powers of the Five Elders starting with St. Saturn.

He took the shape of a spider-like creature with a big horn on his head which resembles Ushi-oni (a yōkai from the folklore of Japan). Just like the Ushi-Oni, St. Saturn has the powers of extreme venom in his legs, a life-ending gaze, ultimate regeneration abilities, etc. It appears he has also awakened his devil fruit and these details point towards him being a Mythical Zoan user.

Saint Jaygarcia Saturn's transformation in One Piece
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Eiichiro Oda (Fandom)

2. St. Marcus Mars

Saint Marcus Mars in One Piece
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation (Fandom)
  • Title: Warrior God of Environment
  • Demonic Title: Itsumade

Up next we have Saint Marcus Mars, who is in control of the environment. We don’t know much about his personality, but from what we have seen so far, he remained the most composed and is the tallest individual among the five elders.

Mars is confirmed to be a inspired by a Japanese Yokai, Itsumade. Thus, he can turn himself into a massive eerie bird-like monster. As a giant bird, Mars was seen flying towards the labophase and breaking the barrier. We are yet to see more of his powers in the upcoming chapters of the One Piece manga.

3. St. Topman Warcury

Saint Topman Warcury in One Piece
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation (Fandom)
  • Title: Warrior God of Justice
  • Demonic Title: Fengxi (Hōki in Japanese)

Next, we have the Warrior God of Justice which is Saint Topman Warcury. This man’s signature facial mark is his long mustache and he has a scar on his forehead as well. As the representative of Justice, Topman is a serious man among the five elders. We don’t know about his powers either. But we got a glimpse of his powers in the form of silhouette just like how we got for St. Mars.

Warcury was seen transforming into a beast-like boar that had a massive tusk. It is inspired by the Fengxi a boar-like monster from Chinese mythology. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see any of his powers in the latest chapter and looking forward to his power reveal in the upcoming chapters.

4. St. Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro

Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro in One Piece
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation (Fandom)
  • Title: Warrior God of Finance
  • Demonic Title: Bakotsu

Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro, who is more popularly known as the elder, looks like Gandhi from India. In the One Piece world, he oversees the Department of Finance for the World Government. He has been seen holding a long sword with a hilt resembling the Kitetsu series, rumored to be the Shodai Kitetsu (one of the strongest swords in One Piece). This might be a headcanon as it holds a strong resemblance to other Kitetsu swords. He is also speculated to be from the Wano Country as he very well knows about the country and its relation with Zou and Zunesha.

And about his devil fruit powers, Nusjuro was seen changing into a towering skeletal horse-like monster with a distinct head. Personally, this was the coolest design out of the five elders and his powers are extremely scary as well. He was able to move at an unreal speed shutting down the pacifistas by turning into a centaur in his hybrid form. His swordplay includes freezing the opponents as you can see the chillness every time he uses his sword. Thus, it is heavily theorized that he can also draw the cold powers from the underworld just like how Brook does.

5. St. Shepherd Ju Peter

Saint Shepherd Ju Peter in One Piece
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation (Fandom)
  • Title: Warrior God of Agriculture
  • Demonic Title: Sand Worm

Saint Shepherd Ju Peter is the elder behind the area of Agriculture in One Piece. He is identified as the second tallest person after St. Mars among the Gorosei. Based on what we have seen about him, he appears to be an inquisitive person who is curious about everything around him. He also questioned the other elders and even Imu sama about the erasure of the Lulusia kingdom.

Similar to Nusjuro, after his devil fruit transformation, Shepherd is a giant sandworm (straight out of a Dune movie) with a massive mouth and teeth. As a sandworm, he was able to dig holes and move at incredible speeds to catch his prey off-guard. We are waiting to learn more about his powers in the upcoming chapters.

That is everything we know about the Five Elders aka Gorosei in One Piece right now. I know that is only the start of the rampage of these glorious but evil individuals. We will get to know more about their characters and powers as One Piece is nearing its end. They are one of the most powerful and evil antagonists of this world and will surely put on a show in the final war that is about to commence. In the meantime, what are your thoughts on the five elders? Let us know in the comments below.

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