5 Best Nothing Phone (2a) Chargers to Buy (2024)

In Short
  • Nothing Phone (2a) charges at 45W but doesn't come with a charger in the box.
  • The market has many options, including the originals Nothing Power and CMF by Nothing GaN chargers.
  • You can also consider Honeywell Zest GaN charger, Belkin Dual USB-C Charger, and Amazon Basics 65W Triple Port Charger.

One of the major drawbacks of buying a smartphone these days is that you don’t get a charger in the box. The latest Android device Nothing Phone (2a) is no exception. Now, you may not consider that a problem if your previous device came with a fast charger. However, the latest device requires faster charging speeds and support for PPS protocol, and most people upgrading might not have a charger that can keep up. Hence, if you want to fast charge your shiny new Phone (2a), here are all the chargers you can buy for it.

Note: For optimal charging, Nothing recommends that you use a charger that supports the PPS (Programmable Power Supply) protocol.

Nothing Power (45W)

Nothing beats the original. For those unaware, both the Nothing Phone (2) and (2a) have the same maximum charging speed, i.e., 45W, so the Phone (2)’s original charger should work just as well on the Phone (2a). The Nothing Power (45W) supports PD3.0, Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4.0+, 3.0, and 2.0. It also works with all PPS (Programmable Power Supply) enabled devices like Laptops.

Nothing Power 45W

The output voltages supported are 5V-3A, 12V-3A, 15V-3A, and 20V-2.25A. We wish the charger had an extra Type-C port to charge more devices. However, at Rs 1,499, it’s one of the best bang for your chargers you can get for your Nothing Phone (2a). Power (45W) is only sold via Flipkart, so beware of fakes on Amazon.

45W fast chargingHas only one Type-C port
Supports PD3.0 and Qualcomm Quick ChargeNot as pocketable as some of the GaN chargers

CMF by Nothing Charger

If you’re in search of a multi-port charger that can charge your Phone (2a) as well as other devices, look no further. This 65W GaN offering from the Nothing-owned CMF brand is easily one of the best chargers you can buy for charging an array of devices you may have. It’s just as big as Nothing Power but gives you a total of three ports — 1 x USB-A and 2 x USB-C.

CMF by Nothing GaN

Thanks to the GaN tech, it should be efficient and shouldn’t get as hot as traditional chargers. It also supports PPS and Qualcomm Quick Charge interfaces. As for the pricing, you can sometimes score it for as low as Rs 1,999, but it’s currently available for Rs 3,000 which is a bit expensive.

65W fast chargingA bit expensive
Has many ports to charge multiple devices
Supports PD3.0 and Qualcomm Quick Charge
Extremely compact for a 65W charger thanks to GaN technology.

Belkin GaN Dual USB-C Charger

When it comes to charging solutions, Belkin needs no introduction as its devices are known to be safe and can last a lifetime. This Belkin Charger is GaN-based and offers 2 x USB-C ports. The charger delivers a maximum of 65W via a single USB-C port or 45W + 20W when both ports are plugged-in.

Belkin 65W GaN Dual USB-C Charger

The charger supports USB-C PD 3.0 and PPS protocol, so you’ll be able to charge your Phone (2a) at full potential. Like other Belkin accessories, the Dual USB-C Charger comes with a 2-year Connected Equipment warranty that covers up to Rs. 1,50,000. Although it might seem a little expensive at Rs 3,999, it’s a worthy upgrade if you own multiple devices that demand a fast charger.

Can charge Phone (2a) at 45WSlightly expensive
2 x USB-C
Supports PD 3.0 
2-year warranty

Amazon Basics Triple Port Charger

For a price of Rs 2,899, this Amazon Basic power unit offers a lot of the same things that the CMF GaN Charger does. It comes with 2 x USB-C PD ports and 1 x USB-A QC3.0 port that can output a total of 65W at once. The charger supports most of the modern charging standards, including PPS technology that the Phone (2a) requires for optimal charging.

Amazon Basics 65W Triple Port Charger

One thing that we like about this adapter is its portability factor, as its enclosure consumes a 30% smaller footprint than other chargers. It also has foldable plug pins that make it the perfect option when travelling.

Can charge up to 3 devices at onceOnly a 6-month warranty
Supports PD 3.0, QC4.0+
Maximum 65W output
Foldable pins, travel-friendly

Honeywell Zest GaN Charger

Yet another GaN charger that ticks a lot of boxes. Honeywell is a reputed manufacturer of electrical equipment like switches and sockets. The Zest is a 45W GaN charger with two USB Type-C ports, both with PD 3.0 support. It has a variety of power outputs and supports the maximum power input supported by the Nothing Phone (2a), meaning the charger will be able to deliver 45W to the device.

Honeywell Zest Gan charger - Nothing Phone 2a

It also supports PPS, and for an asking price of Rs 1600, it’s not a bad deal. Honeywell says it has safety features to protect from heat and excess current, and also gets a 3-year warranty.

Can charge Phone (2a) at 45WNone
Two Type-C ports
Supports PD 3.0
3-year warranty
Relatively affordable

Best Nothing Phone (2a) Chargers: Beebom’s Choice

The CMF by Nothing GaN charger and Nothing Power (45W) are our picks, but if they’re unavailable or not in your budget, you cannot go wrong with the Honeywell Zest and Amazon Basics Triple Port Charger. Belkin’s offering is a bit expensive, but if you have a lot of high-end devices that can benefit from the 65W output, it’s worth a shot.

What are your thoughts on these Nothing Phone (2a) chargers? Do you have any other chargers in mind that you’d like us to include? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Sush says:

    Cmf for nothing charger especially for the phone 2a is a waste of money. It takes almost 3 hours to fully charge the phone 2a with the cmf charger. I have replaced 3 cmf chargers so far thinking they are faulty but still the problem persists. Nothing after sales is pathetic as they have no idea even after several people posting this in the community. Cmf and nothing support is extremely lackluster.

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