All Nothing Earbuds Are Getting ChatGPT Integration, but There’s a Catch

All Nothing Earbuds to get ChatGPT Integration Soon
In Short
  • In mid-April, the Nothing Ear and Ear (a) went official with ChatGPT integration.
  • Now, the brand has revealed that this feature will roll out to all its earbuds on May 21.
  • However, do note that you will need a Nothing Phone to make use of the integration.

Back in April, Nothing launched two new audio accessories, namely, the Nothing Ear and Ear (a). What made these two earbuds special is that they also came with ChatGPT integration, which made Nothing the first brand to do so. Now, the brand has revealed that this integration will be arriving to all its audio products on May 21. However, there’s a catch.

The brand specifically listed all of its earbuds that will be receiving the ChatGPT integration. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Nothing Ear (1)
  • Nothing Ear (stick)
  • Nothing Ear (2)
  • CMF Buds
  • CMF Neckband Pro
  • CMF Buds Pro

As you can see, even the more affordable CMF series of audio products will not be missing out on the AI update. However, the biggest criterion for getting the integration to work on these products is that you’ll need a Nothing Phone. If you’re already on one, this will be an added bonus to the already existing ChatGPT features that the NothingOS 2.5.5 update brought.

From a dedicated ChatGPT button in the clipboard to AI generative wallpapers and more, Nothing users are no longer strangers to such features. As for the new integration, you will need to head over to Controls -> Voice Assistant on the Nothing X app on your Nothing Phone, and select ChatGPT. For those unaware, this feature will let Nothing earbud users summon ChatGPT using a dedicated gesture on the device. Then, they can easily have their queries attended to by the chatbot.

Then again, you will kind of need to be a part of the Nothing ecosystem to make use of the integration.

Last night, OpenAI’s event rolled out ChatGPT-4o for its free users and made it a whole lot better. If the creators of ChatGPT themselves are trying to make the chatbot as accessible to everyone as possible, why is Nothing keeping such a need-of-the-hour feature at bay from selective people?

The brand even took to X to post a meme-material edited image of Joaquin Phoenix wearing a Nothing earbud in a snippet from “Her”. If you’re on a Nothing Phone (1), Phone (2), or Phone (2a), consider yourself lucky. The ecosystem trap seems all too real, doesn’t it?

Well, that was all I had to say about this. What do you think about the ChatGPT integration being limited to Nothing Phone users? Do let me know in the comments down below.

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