Norton Genie AI Tool Helps Detect Online Scams; Here’s How to Use It

Norton Genie AI Scam tool

According to Norton, an average person in the UK receives around 10 scam attempts per week in the form of text, email, or phone calls. An earlier report by Valimail shows that about 3 billion spoofed emails are sent out every day. Whether the online scams come from emails or any other source on the internet, Norton’s new AI-powered genie tool is able to detect online scams easily and warn you before proceeding. Let’s check out this new AI tool and learn how to use it.

What is Norton Genie & The Need for AI-Powered Cybersecurity

The new Norton Genie tool relies on machine learning & artificial intelligence to distinctly be able to tell if a malicious website you have visited, or a suspected email on your system is an online scam. When using the tool, you’ll also be given advice on what to do next to ensure your system’s security integrity.

To provide cybersecurity protection for the user, Norton Genie does these things very well:

  • Norton’s Genie gets better as you use it. Since malicious threats evolve, the more a user utilizes Norton’s new tool, the smarter it gets at being able to detect new online scams. It learns from the user data submitted.
  • It offers the ability to instantly scan data in the form of text or images. Then, it verifies the data submitted against its massive database of threats it has already been trained on.
  • People can still get a result saying ‘Not sure’, so even if a potential threat is not 100% verified as a scam attempt by the app, you’ll still get relevant insights.

The entire technology industry relies on cybersecurity companies. To prevent a company’s operational infrastructure from falling apart, better security solutions are always being implemented. Whether it’s viruses, malware, phishing attempts, or social-engineering attacks, there is always increasing demand for better cybersecurity solutions.

In the modern era of cybersecurity, attackers can use highly sophisticated attacks that can rely on multiple forms of hacking, sometimes including both social engineering & uniquely designed malware. This threat of malicious viruses and phishing attempts is ever-growing, so innovation in the cybersecurity space by companies like Norton plays a key role.

How to Use Norton Genie AI Tool to Detect Online Scams

By introducing Norton Genie with AI-powered scam detection, people now have the ability to regularly check websites and attachments with Norton’s tool to easily avoid online scams.

In addition to a dedicated website, do note that Norton’s Genie AI tool only has an iOS app (download here) for now, with an Android app launching later. The company also mentions that Genie is in an early access phase, with the app only being available in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Norton Genie is a separate, free tool, independent from other software and services released by the company. Now, let’s look at how to use Norton’s Genie AI tool website to detect online scans easily:

1. First, go to this website of Norton’s Genie Scam Detector. Here, click on “Try Genie Online” here.

2. Next, click on either the Add Image or Add Text option, based on what you’d like to scan. Upload the files you want Norton Genie to scan.

3. I uploaded the image of a phishing email scam, taken from the Norton blog showing phishing email examples. Click on Begin scan, as shown below, after your image is done uploading.

4. Norton’s Genie AI-powered tool will check for context, red flags, etc., and verify the data it received against the database of online scams. As you can see, it gave me the result — “It looks suspicious.”

There is additional information, telling me that it’s hard to tell but the image shows “Signs of an Advance Fee Scam.” This is enough information to be warned against attacks, and it’s great to see AI in action.

What are your thoughts on Norton Genie, their new AI-powered tool for better security and protection against online scams? Do you agree that there is an increasing demand for better cybersecurity solutions? Let us know in the comments down below.

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