17 New Kodi Addons You Should Install

As we have seen in our Kodi-explained article, Kodi isn’t pretty much exciting on its own. The add-ons are at the heart of Kodi, and it relies on these addons to stream live TV, sports, movies, and videos. While we have already covered some of the best Kodi add-ons in the past, today I will be covering relatively new Kodi addons that may not be as popular as those established ones. If you are new to Kodi and need help in installing these add-ons, I recommend you to read our guide on how to use Kodi. That being said, let’s have a look at the 17 new Kodi addons you can try in 2020.

Note: Some of the Kodi addons host and stream copyrighted content. Streaming protected content is illegal and amounts to piracy. We do not encourage online piracy in any way or form.

New Kodi Addons (Updated June 2020)

In this article, we have added 18 fresh Kodi addons that you are going to find useful. We have categorized the addons into various sections so you can easily find the addon of your choice. With all that said, let’s now move to the list.

  1. Best New Kodi Addons for Movies & TV Shows
  2. Top New Live TV Addons
  3. Best New Kodi Addons for Sports
  4. Best Kodi Addons for Kids, Cartoons & Anime
  5. Best Kodi Addons for Streaming Music
  6. Best Multipurpose Kodi Addons

Warning: Some of the websites hosting the Kodi addons contain tracking pixels. If you don’t want to give away your personal information like IP address, you should use VPNs. Remember to check out our article on the best free VPNs for the same.

Best Kodi Addons for Movies & TV Shows

1. FilmRise

If you are looking for a new Kodi addon for watching movies and TV shows then FilmRise is your safe bet. It’s among the few add-ons that are legal and available on the official Kodi repository. You can watch full movies and TV shows for free, but the platform is ad-supported.

1. FilmRise

The best part of the app is that you don’t have to register and ads are not intrusive, allowing you to enjoy streaming movies and TV shows in peace. As for the content catalog, it’s is vast and new movies and shows are added every day. Simply put, you will never run out of content to watch.

2. Popcornflix

Popocornflix has become another great Kodi addon to consume movies and TV shows for free. While the question of legality depends on your geographical location, to remain on the safe side, you can use it through a VPN. The best part about Popcornflix is that there are no content restrictions based on region. Further, the addon is very fast and provides very good streaming which makes it ideal for watching movies on Kodi.

2. Popcornflix

Coming to the content, there’s a good selection of movies and TV shows so you will definitely find something interesting to watch. Apart from big-banner movies, Popcornflix also features a lot of indie cinema which is great news for indie movie lovers. Overall, Popcornflix is an excellent Kodi addon to discover and watch new movies and TV shows.

3. YouTube

While YouTube is not a new Kodi addon, but it has surely gone through a lot of improvements, and that reserves a place on this list. Not just movies and TV shows, you can watch a lot of video content using the YouTube addon on Kodi. You have access to some live TV channels, game streaming, and much more. Besides, you can also check out the most popular videos in your region.

3. YouTube

And now with the recent update, you can log in with your Google credentials and fetch your channel subscriptions, library, playlists, recommendations, and more. Not to mention, YouTube plays videos with the default Kodi player which means you get the options to zoom in/out, seek the video, change brightness, and add subtitles. All in all, YouTube is a must-have Kodi addon and you can’t afford to miss it.

4. Netflix

Netflix is again not a new Kodi addon, but it has been completely revamped by a new developer. You can now, in fact, play 1080p and 4K content on Kodi, but there are some caveats. That said, you can seamlessly log in and enjoy Netflix movies and TV shows on Kodi. Unlike earlier, now you don’t have to get your hands dirty and tweak things here and there.

4. Netflix

Apart from that, the new Netflix addon also supports HDR10 and comes with Dolby vision support. You can even sync your Netflix content with Kodi’s local library. That’s awesome, right? Having said that, keep in mind, this addon is not official, but it’s not illegal either. You can certainly use it without any worry.

  • Install Netflix
  • Compatible with Kodi 18 Leia (currently at Kodi 18.7 Leia) 

Top Live TV Addons

5. Xumo.TV

There are already many popular live TV addons for Kodi like Ccloud TV and Phoenix Return, but Xumo.TV is relatively new in comparison and brings a far more reliable experience. And the best part is that it’s officially available on Kodi’s repository so you don’t have to download the ZIP file from shady sources. Just move to the “Addons” tab and you can seamlessly install Xumo.TV on your Kodi. Apart from that, it offers several major news channels including NBC, CBS, Time Magazine, and more.

4. Xumo.TV

In addition, you have channels like CollegeHumor, Vanity Fair, Gamespot, Broadway, The Hollywood Reporter, etc. As you can see, Xumo.TV covers almost all the segments from news to fashion and lifestyle. To sum up, if you are looking for a no-frills live TV addon for Kodi then Xumo.TV is an apt choice.

6. Pluto.TV

Similar to Xumo.TV, Pluto.TV has gained popularity for featuring a wide range of live TV channels on Kodi. It’s known for offering more than 200 live TV channels and has no buffering issues. The add-on allows you to browse TV channels as a guest, but if you want to view them then you will have to sign in with a user account. Other than that, you have multiple categories like Live, OnDemand, Lineup, and more.

5. Pluto.TV

And if you want to watch movies and shows then Pluto.TV has you covered with its huge library of content. Best of all, the addon is available on Kodi’s official repository so in just a few clicks, you can get it running on your device. All in all, Pluto.TV is another powerful live TV addon for Kodi and if you want to stream a variety of channels then Pluto.TV is the best out there.

7. Catch-Up TV & More

Catch-Up TV & More is currently in its infancy, but it does bring a lot of popular live TV channels on Kodi. In fact, it offers live TV channels from more than 15 countries around the world and that includes major regions like the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Japan, and more. You have access to channels like CBS, Blaze, Bristol TV, Edge Sport, and much more.

7. Catch-Up TV & More

Apart from that, it also has a “Catch Up TV” section where you can view older videos from certain channels. Basically, you are getting a built-in DVR option and that is absolutely great. Simply put, Catch-Up TV & More is my personal favorite addon for streaming live TV on Kodi and you can’t afford to miss it.

Best Kodi Addons for Sports.

8. Livestream

Livestream is among those addons on Kodi that offer anything and everything including sports channels. You would find live sports channels mostly from Europe and of course, the US. You have access to 9 sports channels including Sportal HD, Park City Television and more. Having said that, keep in mind, Livestream does not have the best reliability as some channels work and some don’t.

9. Livestream

Nevertheless, the addon is quite polished and properly categorized into various sections. Apart from sports, you can access  News and Entertainment channels as well. Not to mention, you can follow the channels which make it easier for you to navigate and manage the score of live TV channels. To conclude, if you want access to sports on Kodi along with other live TV channels then Livestream will not disappoint you.

9. NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports is one of the most popular sports channels in the US and you can easily get it running on Kodi. Since the addon is officially available under Kodi’s repository, there is no question of illegality. Moving ahead, with NBC Sports, you will have access to many big sporting events like NFL, Premier League, F1, and more.

10. NBC Sports Live Extra

Apart from that, NBC Sports also offers on-demand content which is just great. Having said that, keep in mind, NBC Sports is geographically restricted which means you can’t use the service outside of the US.

Best Kodi Addons for Kids, Cartoons & Anime

10. South Park

Earlier, there was a Cartoon Network addon for watching Cartoons on Kodi, but it has been deprecated. So now, we are left with very little cartoon content on Kodi. Among the few good ones out there, South Park is one. As the name suggests, South Park is a Kodi addon where you can watch all the episodes of South Park for free.

11. South Park

Of late, the show has garnered immense appreciation for its cartoon characters and storyline. You would definitely love the show for both its seriousness and funny acts. The best part about this addon is that all the seasons and episodes are categorized neatly and you can watch them without any buffering issues.

11. Japanese Animated Film Classics (JAFC)

If you are a fan of anime or Japanese cartoons then you are going to love JAFC on Kodi. The addon is wholly dedicated to bringing some of the oldest and popular anime content on Kodi. For instance, you can watch The Golden Flower, The Lump, A Story of Tobacco, and much more.

12. Japanese Animated Film Classics (JAFC)

Don’t worry, all the anime content and Japanese cartoons come with hardcoded English subtitles so that is great. Not to mention, the addon is available officially on Kodi’s repository which is another bonus point. Simply put, if you are looking for the best Kodi addons for cartoons and anime then JAFC is an easy pick.

Best Kodi Addons for Streaming Music

12. Spotify

Spotify is undeniably among the most popular music streaming platforms and while there’s no official support for Kodi yet, you can utilize an unofficial route to get Spotify running on your Kodi machine. You need to use a third-party repository and from there you can easily install the Spotify addon for Kodi.

13. Spotify

The best bit is that you can log in with your Spotify credentials and get all your music library on Kodi. Apart from that, it supports background music and local syncing with Kod’s library. All in all, Spotify is hands-down the best Kodi addon for streaming music.

  • Install Spotify
  • Compatible with Kodi 18 Leia (currently at Kodi 18.7 Leia) and older versions including Kodi 17 Jarvis.

13. SoundCloud

In case you are unaware, SoundCloud is officially available on Kodi and you can play a large number of music tracks without any issues. As we all know, SoundCloud is one of the oldest popular platforms for sharing music so you get top-notch songs from both new and well-established artists.

14. SoundCloud

Since SoundCloud is more about the indie scene, you can listen to new songs from fresh voices. I would say, more than streaming music, SoundCloud is about discovering new sounds and genres. So go ahead and install SoundCloud on your Kodi to enjoy music streaming.

14. Radio

If you are someone who listens to lots of music through radio then this Kodi addon is for you. Aptly named, Radio offers thousands of radio stations on Kodi, be it local or international. You can search for stations, listen to them in the background, and also save them stations for later reference.

15. Radio

Other than that, radio stations are categorized into several labels including genre, country, and language. To sum it up, Radio is one of the best Kodi addons for streaming music from all over the world and you should definitely give it a try.

Best Multipurpose Kodi Addons

15. Exodus

If you want a multipurpose Kodi addon for streaming movies, TV shows, viewing local videos, images, and also for maintenance tasks then Exodus is outrightly the best. You can browse through the available content or search for something specific. Both movies and TV shows have been clearly listed in the form of sections based on their genre, language, production studio, and also on the basis of their popularity.

Kodi add-on add-ons addon addons exodus placenta

Once you select a specific episode or movie to watch, Exodus enlists all online sources and you can stream thereafter. Apart from that, what I like about Exodus is that it puts reliable servers on the top which works most of the time. To conclude, Exodus is an all-around Kodi addon and you can use it for multiple things.

  • Install Exodus
  • Compatible with Kodi 18 Leia (currently at Kodi 18.7 Leia) and older versions including Kodi 17 Jarvis.

16. The Magic Dragon

Magic Dragon is yet another multipurpose Kodi addon that offers online video streaming but goes way beyond just movies and TV shows. Magic Dragon for Kodi has a host of video content including high definition (and even 4K) movies, shows, as well as live sports, highlights, and radio. Magic Dragon’s interface might not be very user-friendly, but you can access past TV episodes using its built-in DVR feature.

17. The Magic Dragon

Other than that, you can stream the latest movies, including support for direct playback from torrents. The distinctive part about this addon is that it has a variety of 3D and VR-friendly content and all you need is a headset to enjoy these movies or videos. To sum up, Magic Dragon is a powerful Kodi addon for video content and you can’t give it a miss.

  • Install Magic Dragon
  • Compatible with Kodi 18 Leia (currently at Kodi 18.7 Leia) and older versions including Kodi 17 Jarvis.

17. Seren

Seren is another hugely popular Kodi addon and you can use it to watch movies, TV shows, sports, live TV– all into one. It has got tons of movies and shows under its library and many believe that it provides the best user experience on Kodi because of no buffering issues. The content is properly categorized and you can sort the library based on trending movies, actors, recently updated movies, genres, etc.

4. Seren

It also scraps metadata, movie banners and subtitles from the web so that everything is ready before you watch a movie. All in all, Seren ranks among the top Kodi addons and you should definitely check it out for its vast library.

  • Install Seren
  • Compatible with Kodi 18 Leia (currently at Kodi 18.7 Leia) and older versions including Kodi 17 Jarvis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Kodi Addons Illegal?

Most of the Kodi addons are not illegal and the ones hosted on Kodi’s official repository are certainly not illegal. However, some of the third-party ones are deemed illegal because they host pirated content or stream unauthorized live TV channels. Apart from that, illegality depends on your geographical location too. For instance, many third-party Kodi addons are illegal in the US, UK, and some European countries.

Q. Can I Watch Movies with Kodi Addons?

Yes, you can definitely watch movies with Kodi addons. We have mentioned the 4 new Kodi addons so you can watch both latest and old movies. Apart from that, you can also try the multipurpose addons for more content.

Q. What is the Best Addon for Firestick?

I would recommend you to install Exodus and Seren on your Firestick for having all-around access to movies, TV shows, and live TV channels.

Q. Is Yoda Addon Still Working?

Yoda addon is no longer available on Kodi as Supremacy repository which hosted the addon has been deprecated. In that case, you can try Exodus and other multipurpose add-ons from the list.

Try These New Kodi Addons

So, this was my list of some of the new add-ons that you should try on Kodi in 2020. While some of them are straight out of the oven, some of them may not be as fresh, as I had to maintain the fair balance between newly discovered add-ons and add-ons that actually work. If you’ve recently discovered a new Kodi add-on, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below. Also, while we are at it, which one of them do you think is the most reliable add-on?

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