Here are 4 New Features Coming to Google Pay in India


At its 7th Google for India virtual event, the Mountain View giant announced a slew of new features coming to its UPI-based payments platform Google Pay in India. You can now use the app in Hinglish, easily split bills with friends, input account numbers with ease, and more. Let’s take a quick look at all the details:

New Features in Google Pay India (2021)

Bill Split Feature in Groups

First up, Google Pay is expanding on its recently launched Group feature with the addition of a new “Bill Split” feature. As the name clearly tells, this feature helps you split the expenses of a lunch out, adventure trip, or anything else with friends and family. Scheduled to roll out later this year, you will find a “Split an expense” button at the bottom of an existing group chat or a new one that you can create at any time in the app.

Hinglish Language Option

More than 350 million Indians use Hinglish to communicate on a daily basis, as revealed on stage at the Google for India event. Well, with Hinglish being so popular among Indian users, Google Pay will introduce a Hinglish language option in its app sometime in early 2022. If you are curious about what the app options will look like, check out the screenshot attached above.

Use Voice to Input Account Numbers

Tired of jumping between apps and typing out the account number multiple times before you can initiate a bank transfer? Well, Google Pay has a simple solution to this problem. You will now find a microphone icon in the “Account number” text field. You can tap on the icon and speak out the account number in English or Hindi. The app will type in the account number for you, thus, easing at least one step of the process for you.

MyShop on Google Pay Business

Last but not least, Google also wants to make it simpler for businesses and local shops to have a digital presence on its platforms, including Google Pay, Search, and Maps. Thus, it has introduced a new MyShop feature on Google Pay for business. It enables merchants to create an online store by uploading product images and details right from the Google Pay app.

They can add general information, opening hours, delivery policies, and more to their digital storefront, as explained by Google on stage at the event today. So yeah, there are the four new features coming to Google Pay very soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

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  • Shayankhan says:

    My mobile is slow

  • Dev Ananthan says:

    Limited number of credit cards is still a challenge

  • Vikram Arora says:

    I was facing a great problem and switched to GPay a couple of months ago. New features could be awesome if practical.

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