Netflix Now Lets You Easily Remove ‘Continue Watching’ Titles on Android

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There may be times when you try watching critically acclaimed TV shows or movies on Netflix, only to realize after 20 minutes that you’re just not into it. Well, worry not. The folks over at Netflix have made it easy for you to remove titles from the “Continue Watching” section on Android.

To remove the movies or shows you’re not interested in, all you have to do is tap the vertical three-dots icon on the movie or TV show title you would like to remove (right from the home screen, under the ‘Continue Watching’ section) and choose the “Remove from row” option.

netflix remove from row

A pop-up will then appear asking your confirmation. Tap the ‘OK’ button and the title will immediately get removed from your Continue Watching section. As a side tip, you can also downvote the TV show or movie if you don’t want Netflix to promote the title in your recommendations.

netflix remove continue watching confirmation

The company has been testing the feature for a few months now and has finally rolled out the option widely to all users. This neat feature addition makes it convenient for Netflix users to get rid of unwanted shows. It helps clear up the Continue Watching section so that you can pick up your favorite shows right where you left off.

It is worth noting that the feature is limited to Android for now. If you’re not seeing the new button, make sure that your Netflix app is updated to the latest version available on the Play Store. However, as The Verge reports, it will be available on iOS next week, starting from the 29th of June.

That said, Netflix had offered this feature for quite some time on the web, although it is not as seamless as you would expect. To remove titles from Continue Watching on the web, you can go to Account -> Profile & Parental Controls -> Viewing activity and click on the Hide from Viewing activity (????) button for each profile.

VIA The Verge
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  • Odpocinek Hradec Kralove says:

    If a report by Forbes is any indication, Netflix started rolling out this feature around two months back to select users but has now expanded it to everyone. This solves a major annoyance for many. Previously, the only way to remove titles from the “Continue Watching” row was to open Netflix in a browser, click on three different things, and then look for the title you wanted to hide through all of your viewing activity. There did exist a hack of sorts for movies, if you jumped in and dragged the play cursor to the end. But both methods were cumbersome to say the least.

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