Netflix Won’t Let You Share Passwords in India Anymore

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It’s time! Netflix’s endeavor to end the blatant password-sharing amongst people has now come to India and if you have been reliant on others’ Netflix accounts, you will have to switch to your own. Have a look at the details.

You Won’t Be Able to Share Netflix from Now On!

Netflix has revealed that it will now stop people from sharing their Netflix accounts outside of their households and this will be spread with an email. The OTT giant wants people to have their own accounts and just share them with the people they are living with. So, you can share the Netflix passwords with your parents, spouse, and more, and this shall be available even if they are out.

Netflix email to disallow people from sharing passwords

This comes after Netflix saw a dip in its subscribers and introduced a test for the whole account sharing to stop. It began with n Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, and eventually reached more regions like the US, Canada, and more. Now, this is available everywhere.

With an aim to ensure that more people subscribe to Netflix, there have been add-on features. Like the ability to transfer profiles and manage logged-in devices. These can further encourage people into having their own accounts and see if they are not being used by unwanted people.

In other regions, Netflix’s password-sharing crackdown has resulted in the introduction of an add-on plan, which can help ‘others’ pay a little extra to continue using the same plan. But in India, this functionality won’t be available. In a letter to the shareholders, Netflix explains, “In these markets, we’re not offering an extra member option given that we’ve recently cut prices in a good number of these countries (for example, Indonesia, Croatia, Kenya, and India) and penetration is still relatively low in many of them so we have plenty of runway without creating additional complexity. Households borrowing Netflix will be able to transfer existing profiles to new and existing accounts.

While this change will negatively affect users in India for this practice is widely followed, Netflix has only gained. In the Q2, 2023 earnings report, it is revealed that the streaming platform has gained both revenue and subscribers.

It remains to be seen how this move will pan out in India and whether or not it will only cause Netflix trouble. Only time will tell and we shall keep you in the loop for this. Until then, have a look at the Netflix password-sharing rules, and don’t forget to share your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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