8 Cool Motivational Apps For Android and iPhone

If you are working continuously or studying hard, things can get monotonous at times and the motivation to get things done might get lost. And we all know that motivation is really important to get the positive energy behind what you are doing, so that you can use your potential to the best. Well, if you have been feeling that lack of motivation in your life, here are 7 motivation apps for Android and iPhone that should get you back in your groove:

1. Fabulous – Motivate Me!

Fabulous is definitely a fabulous (pun intended) app when it comes to motivating you to live a healthy life. The app brings targeted health advises, different weight loss programs, healthy habits, integrated fitness program and more such features to make sure you stay motivated. The app lets you set up a morning routine and add goals for the day, so that you can follow them properly.

Fabulous motivation app

You can even hit the “Make me fabulous” button to get various guides to exercise, power nap, meaningful & focused work, meditate, yoga and stretch. All of that in a gorgeous interface. Well, try out the app and we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Install: Android (Free)

2. Forest: Stay Focused

If you are one of those people who gets distracted by your smartphone too often? Well, here’s the Forest app to your rescue. The app requires you to plant a seed, which will grow in a time frame of 10-120 minutes and if you leave the forest app in between, the tree will die. So, basically, this app lets you set up a time when you really want to concentrate on something, other than your smartphone. The app helps you stay focused and lets you track your history in a really pleasant interface so that you know how you have been doing.

Forest motivation app

Install: Android (Free with in-app purchases), iOS ($1.99)

3. Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks

The Habitica app lets you treat your life as a game to keep you motivated while accomplishing goals. You can simply go ahead and enter your daily goals, to-do lists, habits, create you avatar and you are good to go. Your avatar level will go up as you go on to complete your goals and tasks. You will also unlock various features like pets, armor, skills and quests, which you can use to compete with other people. Pretty cool, right? Habitica definitely makes you work as well as keeping track of your habits fun.

Habitica motivation app

Install: Android, iOS (Free with in-app purchases)

4. Strides: Habit Tracker

Strides is a beautiful goal and habit tracking app that brings unique innovative charts and user friendly reminders to keep you motivated. The app offers various goal/habit templates like exercise, weight, drink water, get up early, read, save money, meditate and more. You can even create your custom goals or habits to keep track. A goal and habit tracking app’s most important feature is the ability to keep you interested and that’s where Strides excels with its convenience, badges and a great interface. While the app is free, there’s also a Pro version which brings features like tags, filters, privacy lock, archive, goal notes, ability to export data and more.

Strides motivation app iOS

Install: iOS (Free, Pro $4.99)

5. Get Sh*t Done!

The Get Sh*t Done app offers you your very own tough task master. If you are down and you really need to do a task, the Get Sh*t Done app should definitely help you out. Firstly, the app’s streamlined yet cool interface and the highly energized lingo used in the app should definitely cheer you up. The app lets you create a goal, its sub-goals and the time you want to allot to it. You can even set a punishment if you fail to complete the task or a reward if you do it in time.

Get Shit Done app

There are three modes: Pu**y mode (unlimited breaks), Tough mode (earn breaks) and Superawesome mode (no breaks). We are pretty sure this app will get you motivated to get sh*t done. So, let’s do this sh*t!

Install: Android (Free)

6. Habit Bull – Habit Tracker

As the name suggests, Habit Bull is another habit tracking app but it has a number of unique features that make it a great motivation app. The app lets you keep track of your day to day activities and goals with ease. You can add positive habits or routines you want to follow and you can enter your bad habits that you need to cut down on. The app offers a streak counter and percentage of success for each habit.

Habit Bull motivation app

Moreover, you get great motivational quotes for different goals like meditation, reading, stop drinking or smoking etc. Some of the features like multi device syncing, cloud backup, Google Fit integration etc. are only available for the Premium version.

Install: Android, iOS (Free, $4.99 for Premium)

7. Shuffle My Life – Things to do

If a fun new task gets back your mojo, you can try the Shuffle My Life app for Android. The app brings up various cool tasks that you can do to get out of boredom. It even lets you discover new places, hobbies, people, group tasks and more depending on your location, time and even weather. There are activities in different categories like Creative, Fitness, Social, Urban, Productive etc. There’s also an option to filter tasks based on your budget, interest and time. You even earn points and achievements in Google Play Games for completing various tasks.

Shuffle My Life

The app is available in a free version as well as a Pro version, which brings features like group tasks, ability to save tasks for later, notifications, future updates for free and more.

Install: Android (Free with in-app purchase for Pro)

8. Workout Trainer: Fitness Coach

Chances are, you are looking for a motivation app to get fit and if that’s the case, Workout Trainer is the app to get. The app brings you thousands of free workouts and custom training programs to help you get fit. Don’t worry, the app includes programs for newbies as well. The programs include instructions in audio, photo and video, so you should not have any problem understanding any exercise. Other features of the app include ability to edit workouts, play your favorite music, follow real trainers and more.

Workout Trainer app

If these features are not enough, the app includes a Pro subscription, which brings features like workout of the week challenges, specialized workouts, web workouts, community forums with trainers and more.

Install: Android, iOS (Free, Pro available at $6.99/month)

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Get motivated with these Android and iOS apps

We are pretty sure these apps will help you get motivated, so that you can get back to being at your best at what you do. So, install these apps on your Android device or iPhone/iPad and get motivated. Do let us know your favorite motivation app. Sound off in the comments section below.

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