5 Android Apps To Increase Your Work Productivity

None of us is new to Android. In fact, it has been so much into news and media that many techies have turned into Android gurus over night. While most of these gurus concentrate on improving your Android experience for gaming and watching movies, no one really thinks about using the smartphones for the reason they were build – improve your working standards and enhancing your productivity.

Today we are going to discuss 5 must have apps that will contribute towards your productivity and make you your boss’s new favorite! Without much ado, lets get started.

SwiftKey Keyboard

If you have been using stock keyboard (the Keyboard application that came with the phone) till now, you are yet to experience awesomeness. Developers across the world have been working hard to increase the typing speed of the people on touch screen phones and one such invention is the sliding typing. This method has completely eliminated the need to tap each and every button on the screen to write. Now all you need to do is, place your finger on the screen once and slide it over the alphabets to complete the word without lifting your finger even for a microsecond. The prediction feature and the dictionary in the phone takes are that the correct word pops up on the screen and thus reduces your typing efforts and time.

Here is a list of 5 best stock keyboard Alternative Apps for Android.


When it comes to productivity, the first thing that comes to mind is scheduling and organizing everything related to your work and leisure. This is what exactly this app helps you to do. The clean and clear interface complete with sleek lines and widgets compel you to add tasks to it (the beauty of this app literally forces you to use it). You can schedule events for the current day, next day and even next week and keep a track of your activities. What makes this planner different from others is its ability to be used as a check list. Just slide your finger across a task and it will be marked as complete. I would recommend this app to everyone who has to take care of a lot of things and the ones who are a little forgetful.


This application is nothing less than a boon for anyone who has to work on remote computers. It allows you to manage and run your computer or even your friends computer from anywhere in the world. All you need is Team Viewer installed on the mobile and computer you are trying to use and an active internet connection on both the devices. The application can even access computers behind a strong firewall easily and all the communication done between computer and mobile passes through highest security standards so you do not have to worry about the security at all.

Google Drive

Love it or hate it but Cloud is the future. The biggest reason for the increasing popularity of cloud is its anytime, anywhere and anyone feature. This means that files stored on cloud can be accessed by anyone with an active internet connection anytime they want. Google Drive is one of my favorite apps when it comes to working with documents and sharing the same with my team. It gives me all the features provided by any other cloud application (even paid ones) and comes with the Google seal of trust (You can always count on Google. They are undoubtedly THE BEST). This application even eliminates the need to have separate applications for MS-Office files and PDF files. If all this was not enough, you can even download your files from the cloud onto your mobile phone and view them later when you want.


How about a personal assistant apps who would take care of all your calls, notes, questions and messages with just a voice command? Sounds sweet. Doesn’t it? Assistant does the same thing. One of the best virtual assistance app on the Play Store, this application from SpeakToIt has gathered much applaud from people around the world. It has been featured in many publications online and offline already and boasts of a level of intelligence that no other virtual assistant has reached yet. It takes all your commands, notifies you of the events, remembers your favorite places and preferences and even assists you in calling and texting while you are behind the steering wheel. The best thing about this app is that you do not need to remember special commands for assistant to work. You speak naturally and it understands.

Get Productive

The above applications are undoubtedly the best in their niche and when combined together, they can do wonders and make you productive even on the go. They will help you save time and organize your tasks and yourself in a better way. Do you think I missed out an impressive app? Feel free to add it in the comments below and we will do our best to blog about it.


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  • Akshara Malhotra says:

    These productive Android Apps will encourage people like me who can not able to focus on one thing and waste time to do various things at same time. I will surely use apps recommended by you to develop my productivity. I have searched, but these are nice apps… It’s must be required for the online worker.

    About my experience, I preferred using of Buffer & Dropbox since years. With Buffer, you can control social presence regularly and communicate with an audience was very smooth and productive. I use Dropbox to save my imp files, and it’s very helpful to use. Snowball is just an excellent app. I have worked on it in my mobile, and I am feeling very good about sharing the experience with my friends. Pocket & Todoist are must have android apps for bloggers. I love the Forest & Evernote app the most. It really assisted me to focus on my work now. Forest is unusual to all, but it looks interesting.

    Thanks, some of the apps you have posted are very helpful in our regular life. This is an amazing and best list of great Apps. I will surely go to download & use these Apps.

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  • Ankush Kapoor says:

    Most of the people know these apps. Tell those apps which are unique or most people have not tried them yet. :-/

    • mayank5790 says:

      I agree that most of the people know these, but the thing is how many people use them? I wanted to start with some known apps before I put out something unusual from the Pandora’s Box. I will compile and share a list of some more productive apps in coming days. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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