Mkeke’s iPhone 14 Pro Magnetic Cases Bring the Power of Magsafe

It’s the worst-kept secret in town that most iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max cases come with little to no Magsafe support. Since Magsafe has become one of the hallmark features of the iPhones, this is naturally a problem. However, not every case maker is ignorant about magnetic cases. Mkeke, an Amazon choice best seller, is a company that has paid attention and launched a cool lineup of Magnetic cases for the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro Max. With the cases promising strong magnets combined with robust protection, things look good. But do the Mkeke magnetic cases live up to expectations? Well, I’ve been using the Mkeke magnetic case on my iPhone 14 Pro, and here is a quick look at all the cool features you get.

Mkeke iPhone 14 & 14 Pro Max Magnetic Cases: Overview

Design and Build

Mkeke retains its ever-loved design language and build quality when it comes to magnetic cases. The cases themselves are clear and hence blend well while showing off your iPhone’s design elements.

Since I went straight for the gradient Mkeke MagSafe case, my first impression of it was a perfect combo of attraction and protection. I say protection because that’s exactly what comes to mind when I have what Mkeke calls Elastic Airbags around all the case corners. I was a bit skeptical about applying the case since I don’t like to bog my iPhone down. However, when I saw that the Mkeke case just adds 1.9mm thickness, I didn’t think twice. The case is made using polycarbonate material, is climate-friendly, and has some safety features I’ll discuss below.

Two colors mkeke magnetic case

However, the standout feature is definitely the magnetic template on the back of the case. Designed in a crisp white for most colorways, the magnetic attachment provides a nice aesthetic to the case. The built-in magnetic ring sits right in the middle and surrounds the Apple logo, which is a look I like. And the best part is the magnetic template is fully compatible with Qi-certified MagSafe chargers and car mounts.

If you end up going for the black case, Mkeke colors the attachment a nice sheen black. While I will detail my charging experience with the case below, the Mkeke magnetic attachment is a nice addition to the case. Besides that, the back of the case is a clear one and also holds the cutout for the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro camera modules.

Mkeke magnetic case both sides

The Mkeke magnetic case keeps the original iPhone design in mind as it is designed to perfectly accommodate it. The case protects the volume and power buttons for my iPhone 14 Pro. However, it also leaves out snug cutouts for the charging port and the DND switch.

Depending on subjective tastes, Mkeke provides variety when it comes to colors. If you are someone who doesn’t vibe with purple-blue as I did, go for the black-clear or the fully clear magnetic case on offer.

Magsafe with Strong Magnets

Even if I put aside the rarity of good iPhone 14 Pro MagSafe cases, a lot of Magsafe cases are magnetic in the loosest possible terms. Mkeke fortunately belongs to the former category. The Mkeke magnetic cases come with a MagPrime array and strong N52SH magnets that maintain the strongest possible connection. Mkeke promises 2600Gs of strong magnetic force, which is 7x stronger than the ordinary magnets used in other cases.

Magsafe mkeke magnetic case

While I am not an expert in magnetic forces, I did use Magsafe liberally throughout my time with the Mkeke magnetic case. I also varied my experience with a vertical magnetic stand to hang the phone from on my desk.

Magsafe 2

In both cases, the Mkeke magnetic case held its own and stuck firmly to the magnets. The connection was strong enough for the case to take shakes and still remain strong. This is something I especially appreciated. If you are someone looking for a magnetic case that actually stays magnetized, check out the Mkeke magnetic case lineup for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

Screen Protector Friendly

A big problem with certain cases is the fear that it might interfere with the screen protector. However, I was thankful to see that the Mkeke magnetic case is fully screen protector friendly. The slim case slid onto my iPhone 14 in a single motion and gave a snug fit. And by all accounts, my existing screen protector didn’t suffer any damage and the front looked nice.

on case mkeke magnetic case

Besides protection, the magnetic cases complemented my iPhone 14 Pro well and looked equally amazing on the 14 Pro Max. Fortunately, functionality doesn’t take a dip since the buttons still respond with the tactile iPhone feel I have to love. While my previous case was a bit slippery, I easily held on to the Mkeke magnetic case due to its non-slip grip.

Daily Usage Experience

I used the Mkeke magnetic case for my iPhone 14 Pro for a wide variety of activities. This not only included my daily work but other aspects like entertainment and bouts of gaming. Throughout my time with the case, I was rather impressed with the level of comfort and durability presented by the case.

mkeke magnetic case gaming

My daily workflow while using the case was seamless as it blended with the phone well. At times I actually forgot I had a case on. However, I saw the gradient colors shining in the light and was quickly reminded. Entertainment and gaming with the case were as convenient. Here, the non-slip grip I mentioned above was instrumental in ensuring the phone didn’t slip even while I was sweating.

On case mkeke magnetic case

Mkeke has intelligently placed the magnetic attachment in a way that doesn’t interfere with usage. I easily attached my Magsafe charger to the phone and gamed away while it charged effortlessly.

While I haven’t used the Mkeke magnetic case for an extended amount of time, it seems durable to me. The case is non-yellowing and as such won’t degrade over time. However, it also protected my iPhone 14 Pro well from dust and debris even for the time I was using it.


When I previously used the Mkeke clear cases for my iPhone 14 Pro, I was impressed at how such a nimble case can protect a phone so well. I am pleased to see that Mkeke has carried the same commitment towards protection on the new magnetic cases.

As before, the Mkeke magnetic case for iPhone 14 and 14 Pro Max comes with solid military-grade drop protection. This is powered by upgraded TPU elastic airbags that cover the case corners. So no matter how you drop the phone, rest assured it will remain unscathed.

Raised edges mkeke magnetic case

The protection is elevated as the Mkekek magnetic case is surrounded by raised bezels on the front and back. The 1.9mm raised bezel on the front protected my iPhone 14 Pro from scratches and scuffs. The back of the case has a larger 3.5mm raised bezel to protect the ever-precious camera module on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

Mkeke Magnetic Case Pricing

As would be expected, Mkeke has kept its lineup of magnetic cases for the iPhone affordable. The Mkeke magnetic case for iPhone 14 Pro starts at only $18.99 for the clear variant. The price increases by a few dollars for the colored variants but that’s to be expected. However, even at that price, the Mkeke magnetic case is practically a steal considering the plethora of features it offers.

Rely on Mkeke’s Robust Magnetic Cases for Your iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max

The Mkeke magnetic cases were a worthwhile addition to my iPhone 14 Pro and earned their spot as my main case right now. With strong magnets that latch on firmly and even stronger military-grade protection, there is no downside to this iPhone MagSafe case. Want to make things even better? Mkeke has a climate pledge-friendly certification that makes it a sustainable seller on Amazon. What are your thoughts on the Mkeke magnetic case? Do you think you’ll upgrade to Mkeke magnetic clear cases? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

Buy Mkeke Magnetic case for iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max (starts at $18.99)

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