8 Best Minecraft Parkour Servers You Should Try

Whether you are trying to climb the highest Minecraft mountains or taking a fight against various mobs, quick building and parkour are essential for survival. But unless you are on the best Minecraft parkour maps, there is no way you can learn and fully enjoy the momentous experience in the game. That’s why we have listed the best Minecraft parkour servers to enjoy some action-packed gameplay with your friends. With that said, let’s dive right in!

1. OPBlocks

  • Java Address: hub.opblocks.com
  • Bedrock Address: bedrock.opblocks.com

Living up to its name, our first pick among the best Minecraft parkour servers is overpowered (OP). It is packed with custom games, including a prison break, boss fights, dungeons, and even a custom skyblock. Beyond the games is a whole world of creative parkour mini-games, and almost each of them gets daily challenges to keep you hooked.

OPBlocks server

Much like other popular Minecraft servers, OPBlocks has a friendly active community, responsive staff, and exclusive quality content. And if challenges aren’t enough for you, there are also many server quests that you can explore.

2. InsanityCraft

  • Java Address: cf.insanitycraft.net

If you are looking for an OG Minecraft parkour server that is still extremely popular and loved by many players, then InsanityCraft is for you. This server works with Minecraft version 1.8 up to the latest 1.20.

InsanityCraft Minecraft parkour server

With plenty of parkour maps of varying difficulties, you’ll find the course that suits your skill set easily. Moreover, besides parkour, InsanityCraft provides other popular game modes like survival, skyblock, and factions.

3. Minr

  • Java Address: zero.minr.org

This entry is the world’s third oldest Minecraft server to ever exist. And well, it’s dedicated to parkour and challenges. So you get access to plenty of mini-games, tons of parkour courses, and dozens of puzzles to entertain you. The server has 500+ challenges, and all of them aim to improve your hardcore Minecraft skills.

Minr server

But don’t get overwhelmed by the challenging nature of this server as it features a dedicated area for beginners. So, whether you have been playing for a decade or started yesterday, this server is here to accommodate your skill level. If you achieve a high enough rank on the server, it even invites you to create its future challenges.

4. Happy HG Network

  • Java Address: mc.happy-hg.com

Our next server isn’t only a parkour server, but if it was, it would have been the most unique one. It has around 100 parkour challenges, and each of them follows a unique theme. There are parkour maps dedicated to Minecraft biomes, mobs, and even foods. Some of these servers even have special enchantments involved and give players special jumps, sprints, and more.

Happy HG Network server

Beyond the parkour, the server also offers survival, skyblock, creative, and puzzle game modes. So, even though it doesn’t have many active players, the server does everything in its power to keep you entertained even in your break periods away from parkour.

5. ManaCube

  • Java Server Address: play.manacube.com

ManaCube server is one of the most popular parkour servers currently. There are more than 2500 different maps you can try out and have fun in. Though, it not only offers the parkour game mode, but other ones as well, such as the standard skyblock (typical skyblock adventure), fractions (base building and defending game with custom mobs), PvP (with an excellent anti-cheat system), prison, creative and survival modes.

Manacube server

Though there are also unique game modes such as earth towny (create and rule towns and nations), islands (survive on a tiny island surrounded by poisounous water), anarchyn and Olympus (Greek mythology RPG). This server also has an in-game currency, which you can use to buy special items.

Furthermore, the server hosts community events to provide you with a chance to earn exclusive rewards. So, you won’t get bored here for a while.

6. Triumphia

  • Java Address: org.triumphia.net
  • Bedrock Address: org.triumphia.net : 25848

This is a simple yet fun Minecraft server that offers the same experience to both Bedrock and Java players. You can either enjoy the old days of vanilla or fight factions to build in-game wealth. As for parkour sessions, the server has 100+ amazing and long courses.

Triumphia server

Even though you technically can’t crossplay between two editions, the same worlds of server means that you can still experience the same courses and compete with your friends.

Thanks to the level-based increasing difficulty, this is also one of the best Minecraft servers to learn parkour from scratch. It also has an in-game leaderboard and time tracking, but you can also use its simple tracks to develop your skills at 3 levels of difficulty.

7. Gamster

  • Java Address: mc.gamster.org
  • Bedrock Address: mc.gamster.org : 25565

Gamster is a highly popular parkour server with hundreds of players online at any time. The best game modes you will have access to include survival, skyblock, prison, parkour, bedwars, creative and more. This server is available for the latest 1.20.4 Minecraft version.

Gamster Minecraft parkour server

8. WildWood

  • Java Address: wildwoodsmp.com
  • Bedrock Address: wildwoodsmp.com : 19132

Wildwood is a brand-new survival multiplayer server. This amazing server’s goal is to provide the best possible experience to players with exciting features and helpful service. You can enjoy playing lifesteal SMP, where you have to kill other players and obtain their hearts but also keep track of not running out of hearts yourself, as well as your typical skyblock, survival, and parkour experiences.

WildWood parkour Minecraft server

With that, you now hold a collection of the best Minecraft parkour maps where you can polish your parkour skills and show them off to your friends and the rest of the community. You might as well try some of these best Minecraft skins to make your character look unique while nailing the parkour courses. With that said, which parkour server do you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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