Minecraft Preview iOS Users Can Get Minecraft Features Early

iOS Users Can Now Test Minecraft Features Early with Minecraft Preview; All You Need to Know

Minecraft Preview iOS Users Can Get Minecraft Features Early

Historically, Mojang and Microsoft have left Minecraft players on iOS and iPadOS hanging by making their beta programs exclusive to Windows, Android, and Xbox users. If you tried signing up for the Minecraft 1.19 beta, you might have noticed the same. But starting today, that is about to change. Minecraft has announced a new app called Minecraft Preview, which is going to revamp its beta program completely. With that said, let’s jump in and check out all the details.

Minecraft iOS Beta Preview Announced

As an upgrade to Minecraft’s Bedrock beta program, the developers are releasing a separate app called Minecraft Preview. Unlike previous beta versions of the game, the preview won’t overtake the installed version of the game. It will work as a separate game, allowing you to have both regular and beta versions of Minecraft installed at the same time. That means you will be able to check out the new mobs and new biomes in Minecraft 1.19 without having to disrupt your existing gameplay and exploration.

Which Platforms Will Support Minecraft Preview?

Minecraft Preview is first going to be available for players on Windows, iOS, and iPadOS. Developers are planning to later expand it to other platforms and consoles that support Minecraft Bedrock. Later this year, players who have bought the Xbox Game Pass and have the Minecraft Launcher installed will automatically find the Minecraft Preview alongside their main game.

What Will Happen to Existing Minecraft Beta Program?

Slowly, Minecraft Preview will overtake and replace all the existing beta programs for the Minecraft Bedrock. You can expect to see it in action as the Minecraft 1.19 update rolls out. Additionally, the Java snapshots are expected to remain the same on all devices that support them. The app is going to be limited to the Bedrock edition of the game.

Release Date: When Can I Get the Minecraft Preview?

The beta program of this app is already open for iOS and iPad users. You can sign up for one of the limited seats by clicking here (it already shows that the beta program is full). On the other side, Windows users can expect to see the update in the upcoming weeks.

What Features Won’t Work in Minecraft Preview

The Minecraft Preview won’t have the following features:

  • Realms or cross-platform multiplayer servers
  • In-game achievements
  • Existing worlds (for now)
  • Marketplace (on some platforms)

The Minecraft preview is still in its beta phase. So, there’s a lot for us to unpack and figure out as new features start rolling out. But seeing its initial release being focused on the iOS players is a positive start. One that players have looked forward to for years. This app holds the power to make the Bedrock updates streamlined, as the developers have always wanted them to be. If you don’t get a chance to test its beta or are on a different platform, waiting is the only option for now. Meanwhile, which features of Minecraft 1.19 are you planning to use with Minecraft Preview? Tell us in the comments below!


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