Minecraft Legends: How to Find Piglin Keys to Unlock Chests

Minecraft Legends has managed to expand the blocky universe of Minecraft in a wonderful way. There are numerous things to discover in this strategy game, and Piglin Chests is one such item players can find. However, to open it, players require Piglin Keys, a resource that the game clearly does not explain the process of obtaining it. But fret not, as we have presented the step-by-step process to get Piglin Keys and unlock Piglin Chests in Minecraft Legends (review).

How to Find a Piglin Key in Minecraft Legends

Finding a Piglin Key in Minecraft is a simple yet cumbersome process that involves roaming around the overworld. Throughout the world of Minecraft Legends, players are tasked with taking down Piglin Strongholds. These strongholds are where the Piglin Chests spawn.

So, command your golems and take down one of the strongholds to get access to the Piglin Chest without getting attacked. Then, check the area around the stronghold to track down some of the stronger Piglin mobs roaming around. Take them out to get a Piglin Key in Minecraft Legends. The best mob to target for Piglin keys are Pigmadillos, Portal Guards, Sporeback, and more. In short, target any enemy that looks big and menacing.

find piglin key in minecraft legends

Currently, this is the only way to find the Pigline Key in Minecraft Legends. On top of this, the game never tells you how many keys are in your possession. So, you will have to keep a mental note of the number of keys you have acquired.

Piglin Chests Rewards in Minecraft Legends

So now that you have a Piglin Key in your possession, go and long-press Q next to a Piglin Chest to open it in Minecraft Legends. Opening the chest will provide you with materials to upgrade bases and structure, either type of Allays, and more. Sometimes, for example, a Piglin chest may provide gold. Other times, it gives additional Allays.

For those who don’t know, Allays are the friendly fairies from Minecraft that help players build structures in Minecraft Legends. The Allay upgrades you receive are permanent. For example, we received a Gather Allay from the Piglin Chest during our playthrough.

Hence, opening up Chests using Piglin keys is highly advisable to improve your resource gathering and building in Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends is currently available for every major platform available, including Xbox Game Pass. Check out our review, where we praised the game for expanding the world and lore with meaningful stories, but criticized its gameplay and missing QoL features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any alternative ways to receive Piglin Keys?

No. Currently, the only confirmed way to get Piglin keys in Minecraft Legends is through random enemy drops; killing the large Piglin enemies around the map.

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