Microsoft Launching Mobile Game Store to Rival Apple and Google

Xbox mobile gaming store app is in works
In Short
  • Xbox will be launching a brand-new mobile gaming app store in July this year.
  • The app store will be web-based, circumventing the mobile store's closed ecosystem policies in place.
  • The app store will specifically cater to mobile gamers, providing access to first-party titles like Candy Crush and Minecraft.

Microsoft Xbox’s intentions to enter the mobile gaming sphere haven’t been a secret. After years of introducing various methods and options for everyone to enjoy video games, the gaming giant now plans to introduce a brand-new way of playing for mobile audiences. And who would’ve thought the solution was as simple as launching an Xbox mobile gaming app?

At the latest Bloomberg Technology Summit, Sarah Bond, President of Xbox Gaming, discussed a brand-new mobile game store launching in July. This app will act as an alternative to Google’s PlayStore and Apple App Store. Sarah Bond also shared her thoughts on how their app plans to avoid the stringent Apple App Store rules for third-party store apps.

The initial plan for the Xbox Mobile Gaming Store is to bring their first-party portfolio. This means games like Candy Crush by King, Minecraft by Mojang, etc. They’ll first start at the web, allowing everyone to access the app store across every device and country.

This minimizes the problem of every app store having different policies. Sarah Bond also claims they’ll add games from partners to their Xbox Mobile Gaming app store in the future, but the current plans are to focus on their titles.

Of course, given the company’s track record, the ultimate goal is to bring the Xbox gaming experience to mobile phones. Bond also echoes this, as she claims there isn’t a store that “goes truly across devices.” This project has been in the works for a long time, with news of a mobile app store in development in 2022. We should get more news about this app store in next month’s Xbox Showcase.

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