Microsoft to Launch Privacy-Focused ChatGPT for Businesses


Microsoft is reportedly working on a new, more privacy-focused version of ChatGPT for financial institutions, healthcare companies, and other organizations that deal with private and confidential data. Check out the details below. 

A Privacy-Centric ChatGPT Version

Organizations that deal with confidential data in large amounts, such as banks, healthcare institutions, and even product companies, have generally avoided ChatGPT out of fear that their employees might inadvertently share sensitive proprietary information with the AI bot. I mean, we have already seen Samsung employees accidentally leaking sensitive company data via ChatGPT. This pushed the Korean giant to ban ChatGPT and other similar AI tools for its employees.

Well, both OpenAI and Microsoft are aware of this issue. Thus, to appeal to these customers, Microsoft is planning to launch a more secure and isolated version of ChatGPT later this quarter, as per a report from The Information. 

The new service will reportedly run on dedicated cloud servers. For instance, if Microsoft sells the service to two companies — A and B — the data of Company A and Company B will be stored separately to avoid data leaks and ensure better privacy. The servers will also not communicate with the main ChatGPT servers. 

However, the new service could cost as much as 10 times more than the regular version. Considering the ChatGPT Plus subscription plan costs $20, the privacy-focused version by Microsoft could set customers back roughly $200 (possibly per team member). No price is too high for privacy, right?

This report comes at a time when OpenAI is already taking measures to attract business. The company now lets you turn off chat history in ChatGPT, export your data, and is also working on ‘ChatGPT Business.’ There’s also the possibility that the latter might be what Microsoft’s offering would rely on.

VIA ArsTechnica
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