Microsoft Is Adding a New Copilot Key to the Windows Keyboard

windows copilot button on the keyboard
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In Short
  • Microsoft is replacing the menu key and adding a dedicated AI Copilot key on Windows 11 keyboards.
  • The new Copilot key will be placed on the right side of the keyboard, right beside the Alt key.
  • This is a push by Microsoft to deliver AI PCs in 2024, and most Windows 11 laptops will come with the Copilot key.

After nearly three decades, Microsoft is making a big change to the Windows keyboard. It’s adding a new Copilot key, which can quickly summon the AI-powered Copilot chatbot on your Windows 11 PC. Microsoft added the Windows key with Windows 95 in 1994 to open the Start menu. After that, a menu key was added on the right side of the keyboard to open the context menu. Now, Microsoft is doubling down on its focus on AI, as the menu key is being replaced with the Copilot key. Here are all the details about the new changes.

Windows Copilot Will Now Be at Your Fingertips

In line with previous rumors of Microsoft working on AI PCs with the Surface laptop lineup, it’s now confirmed that Microsoft is indeed adding a dedicated Copilot button on the keyboard. Not just that, Microsoft is also dialing its partners and OEMs to include the Copilot key on the keyboard starting later this month on Windows 11 laptops. The Copilot key will also feature on upcoming Surface devices.

The Copilot key will be placed on the right side of the keyboard next to the “Alt” key, replacing the Menu key. It means that the Copilot branding is here to stay and the company is serious about AI features and experiences going forward. That said, in certain markets, and depending on the device form factor, OEMs may choose to place the Copilot button at different locations.

As for now, users can press the “Windows + Ckeyboard shortcut on Windows 11 to quickly open the Copilot chatbot. All the new development points that Microsoft is not done with AI yet. It wants to make 2024 a year of AI PCs with personalized, on-device AI experiences.

We already know that Microsoft is working on its next-gen OS, Windows 12, to deliver an AI-driven intelligent computing experience, seamlessly woven into Windows.

So what do you think about the new Copilot key on Windows keyboards? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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