YouTube Space Lab

Meet YouTube Space Lab Global Winners

Meet YouTube Space Lab Global Winners

YouTube announced the winners of YouTube Space Lab, the science competition that challenged students from 14 to 18 years old to design a science experiment that could be performed in space.

Dorothy and Sara, from Troy, Mich., U.S. (winners in the 14-16-year-old age group)  and Amr from Alexandria, Egypt (winner in the 17-18-year-old age group) submitted the winning experiments.

These winning Experiments will be performed on International Space Station by Sunita Williams (NASA astronaut) later this year and will be live streamed to the world on YouTube.

Dorothy and Sara, high school juniors from Troy, wants to explore how conditions in space affect the virulence of bacteria, and if they can cultivate the growth of helpful, probiotic bacteria in space.

Amr, wants to see how zero gravity affects the habits of zebra spiders, who jump on their prey. He wants to know if those habits could adapt in space or if the spider will be unable to catch its prey.

Here’s a video in which all the shortlisted participants took a weightless ZERO-G flight.

YouTube Space Lab is an amazing initiative, we hope that it will happen every year.

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