Surprise: MediaTek Helio G35 Essentially Seems to be a Rebadged Helio P35

helio g35 and helio g25 are old rebranded mediatek chipsets
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  • Siddhant Pandey says:

    The helio p70 is rebadged helio p65, look closely.

  • Ramandeep Singh says:

    You perhaps forgot one thing. The Mediatek Hyperengine technoloogy in the gaming chipsets and even the costs of these chipsets are lower than P series.

    • Anmol Sachdeva says:

      I did mention the MediaTek HyperEngine technology, which isn’t any dedicated hardware to improve the performance. It’s a software add-on and a marketing gimmick to make users believe how souped up this gaming chipset is while actually it’s the same hardware from one or two years ago. As for the cost, recycling is cheaper than manufacturing something from scratch ????

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