There’s a Nifty Trick to Make Face ID Faster on the iPhone X

Faster Face ID iPhone X

Apple’s tenth anniversary edition of the iPhone underwent a radical redesign after three years, a move that was welcomed by almost everyone, since the current design was starting to show its age. In order to achieve the glorious near bezel-less design with the top “notch” display, Apple had to sacrifice the iconic home button, something that we’ve seen on every single iPhone in the past ten years. The button was also absolutely crucial for biometrics as it housed the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. In order to compensate for this, Apple introduced an all-new 3D facial recognition system called Face ID, which ultimately changes the way we unlock our phones and use Apple Pay.

iPhone X Facial Recognition

As much as I loved the new Face ID feature, i was quick to realize that it’s noticeably slower than Touch ID. Sure, I still do agree that it’s convenient, but at the same time it’s also slower. Well, it involves holding up your phone, looking at it for a split-second, and then swiping up from the bottom to get into your home screen. With Touch ID, all you had to do was simply place your finger on the home button, and you could do that without even having to hold up your phone. If you’re an iPhone X owner who’s frustrated by this, there’s actually a nifty trick to make it slightly faster.

Disable Attention

On your iPhone X, open up the Settings app, head over to General -> Accessibility and tap on “Face ID & Attention”. In this menu, scroll down a little bit, and you’ll notice an option called “Require Attention for Face ID”. Use the toggle to disable the feature and then try unlocking your iPhone. You’d have noticed that it unlocks slightly faster than before. This is due the fact that you no longer have to look hold it up and look at the phone for a split-second. Instead, a simple glance at the phone is good enough to unlock your device. With enough practice, you can glance and swipe at the same time to make the unlocking process as fast as Touch ID. So, are you guys ready to take advantage of this trick to unlock your iPhone X faster? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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