Apple Can Now Fix Face ID without Needing to Replace the Whole iPhone

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Almost four years after introducing the Face ID-laden notch with the iPhone X, Apple has finally come up with a way that will make it easier for Apple-authorized technicians to repair Face ID without replacing the entire iPhone. This change, as MacRumors reveals, has been introduced to Apple employees as part of a new internal memo. Here are the details.

iPhone Face ID Repairs Made Easy

It is reported that Apple will start providing Apple Stores and Authorized Service Providers a new TrueDepth Camera service part for Face ID repairs. This part will contain all the Face ID and front camera components, which the technicians can use for same-unit repairs.

This, in turn, will dismiss the need for replacing the entire iPhone, which is the case at present. So, while saving technicians the hassle of a whole-part repair, it will also reduce the carbon footprint of Apple. It will be another step in the company’s “commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of its products.

For users, this can help them save the time invested in setting up the iPhone and they won’t even have to worry about losing data. Another advantage would be the fact that the cost of getting the Face ID fixed will be less than the whole-part repair, which will further help users save some bucks.

This news comes in after Apple recently opened doors for Self-Service Repairs, allowing users the right to repair their iPhones themselves at home. This initiative provides people with genuine Apple parts and tools to repair their iPhones at home without relying on third-party service providers. This program is currently for iPhone 12 and 13 series and is expected to be extended to more Apple devices.

Now coming back to the latest repair change, there’s no word on when technicians will be able to start with the process of changing just the Face ID part. Plus, there’s also no word on its pricing details. The documentation and training details shall be provided to the technicians at a later date. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below!

SOURCE MacRumors
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