8 Best macOS 15 Sequoia Features You Should Check Out

In Short
  • Apple previewed its next-generation Mac operating system, macOS 15 Sequoia at WWDC 2024.
  • The latest macOS 15 brings new Continuity features, a new Video Conferencing presenter preview, a more capable Siri, a dedicated passwords app, and more.
  • Right now, macOS 15 is in developer beta, with the public beta coming later this month or early July.

At WWDC 2024, Apple previewed its next-generation Mac operating system, macOS 15. Dubbed macOS Sequoia, the latest Mac software brings some impressive additions and improvements for Mac users. Right from the new Continuity features to a new Video Conferencing presenter preview, macOS 15 brings a raft of interface tweaks and new features that take productivity to a whole new level. If you’re excited to know what’s new in macOS 15 Sequoia, we’ve got you covered. We’ve listed the best features of macOS 15 that you should check out right now. Here you go!

1. iPhone Mirroring

macOS Sequoia feature screen mirroring
Image Courtesy: Apple

The latest macOS Sequoia improves the Continuity across Apple devices with the new iPhone mirroring feature which allows you to fully access and engage with your iPhone, right from your Mac. You can control your iPhone even if it’s in another room and continue to use your iPhone normally while it’s wirelessly connected to your Mac.

When you open an iPhone app, you can also interact with it using your Mac’s keyboard, trackpad, and mouse. You can seamlessly drag and drop between iPhone and Mac. Your iPhone can stay locked, so nobody else can see what you’re doing. In addition, macOS Sequoia brings iPhone notifications to Mac, so you can access & respond to them alongside your Mac notifications.

2. Improved Windows Tiling

8 Best macOS 15 Sequoia Features You Should Check Out

With macOS 15, you can drag a window to the edge of the screen and macOS Sequoia will automatically suggest options for rearranging windows. You can arrange tiles side by side or even place them in corners to accommodate even more apps in view. With the new keyboard and menu shortcuts, windows tilting is easier and faster than ever.

3. New Video Conferencing Presenter Preview

8 Best macOS 15 Sequoia Features You Should Check Out

In apps like FaceTime and Zoom, you can use the new presenter preview to see what you’re about to share before you actually share it. You can also choose from an array of built-in backgrounds, including a variety of color gradients and system wallpapers. In addition, you can upload your own photos. The Backgrounds replacement feature works when you make a video call on FaceTime or in third-party apps like Webex.

4. New Passwords App

macOS Sequoia Passwords app

As anticipated, Apple added a dedicated Passwords app to iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15. The existing Passwords feature is buried deep inside the Settings app. With a dedicated app, you can easily access your account passwords, passkeys, Wi-Fi passwords, and other credentials in one place. The new Passwords app is built on the foundation of the keychain and is secured with end-to-end encryption. All your passwords are synced across your Apple devices and Windows devices with the iCloud for Windows app.

5. Advanced Gaming Experience

Apple’s macOS 15 also brings a stellar lineup of games for Mac users. This includes the highly anticipated next installment in Ubisoft’s blockbuster series, Assassin’s Creed Shadows. Apart from more advanced gaming titles, there are some exciting features like Personalized Spatial Audio which will offer an even more immersive gaming experience.

6. Highlights and Improved Reader Mode in Safari

8 Best macOS 15 Sequoia Features You Should Check Out

Thanks to the latest macOS 15, Safari will now offer a bundle of new features and improvements. There’s a new Highlights feature that offers an easier way to discover information on the web like summaries or quick links to know more about people, movies, music, and TV shows.

Next is the new Reader mode in Safari which removes distractions to deliver a streamlined view of the article you’re reading, a summary, and a table of contents for a longer article. That’s not all. When Safari detects a video on a webpage, the new Viewer feature makes it front and center, while giving you full access to system playback controls and Picture in Picture mode.

7. New Features in Messages App

macOS Sequoia Messages features

The next-gen macOS version brings some noteworthy updates to the Messages app. This includes emojis and stickers Tapbacks, all-new text effects, and scheduling iMessages. These updates are available across all iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 devices.

8. Other Native App Upgrades

Apple revamped the macOS Calculator app with some much-useful additions. You can now see previous calculations with history and also see your expressions as you type them.

The Calendar app will now show you events and tasks from Reminders, so you can easily complete or edit your tasks throughout the day. With the updated Month View, you can also easily see events and reminders for an entire month at a glance.

The Photos app in macOS Sequoia surfaces Collections which automatically organizes your entire photo library by helpful themes. Also, searching photos has now got much much easier and quicker.

Those were the best macOS 15 Sequoia features you need to check out. Right now, macOS 15 is in developer beta, with the public beta coming later this month or early July. If you want to try these features right now, you can install macOS 15 Sequoia Developer Beta on your Mac.

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