Lenovo Shows off World’s First Transparent Laptop at MWC 2024

lenovo thinkbook transparent laptop concept shown at mwc 2024
Image Courtesy: Lenovo
In Short
  • Lenovo has shown off a transparent laptop at MWC 2024 dubbed as "Project Crystal."
  • Lenovo's ThinkBook Transparent laptop looks amazing and features a see-through Micro-LED display.
  • The concept is quite remarkable. The design is super thin and looks incredibly futuristic.

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 is being held in Barcelona, Spain. Many companies are showcasing their latest and greatest tech for the world to get a glance. Lenovo at MWC 2024 has just shown off its new ThinkBook Transparent laptop. This ‘proof of concept‘ laptop is arguably the most breathtaking laptop design ever shown, and I am in awe after looking at how this thing works!

Lenovo is reportedly calling this “Project Crystal.” This new ThinkBook transparent display laptop has surely stolen the show. The concept shows the latest innovations in display technology.

It features a 17.3-inch Micro-LED display with a highly futuristic, bezel-less design. We can clearly see whatever is behind the laptop’s screen. This ThinkBook transparent laptop concept also boasts a very thin profile. This tech could be pretty beneficial for artists who are trying to replicate a real-life object in the form of digital art accurately.

Lenovo has boasted that Micro-LED display technology “offers many advantages” for making a transparent display. The company mentions high contrast, 1000-nit brightness, and plenty of color saturation as key advantages of using Micro-OLED. Reportedly, the peak brightness of this transparent ThinkBook concept laptop can go up to 3000 nits! Besides that, however, no other specifications have been revealed yet.

You can check out how the conceptual transparent laptop by Lenovo looks above, courtesy of PC-Watch. According to Lenovo, it could employ the use of a special layer to make the laptop screen completely opaque. This feature would allow for dynamic switching between traditional & transparent laptop modes. It isn’t just the transparent display on Lenovo’s new ThinkBook concept; the keyboard & touchpad are also on a slab of see-through glass!

These are fully touch-enabled, so no physical keys are present. Reportedly, Lenovo is exploring the use of AI to make the use of its transparent keyboard easier. Lenovo also showcased that a Wacom-based stylus can be used on the ThinkBook transparent machine. The keyboard can be turned off to be used as a drawing canvas instead!

lenovo project crystal thinkbook transparent laptop
Image Courtesy: Lenovo

Instead of a front-facing webcam, the laptop’s camera is situated behind it & doesn’t face the user. At MWC 2024, the company showed a use case where the camera could scan for objects and give you AI-generated information on them. This kind of feature looks pretty similar to what Google Lens offers. However, do note that this is a concept for now.

Still, a concept isn’t a dream, as this thing has been a real head-turner at this year’s MWC. Lenovo has given us an exciting prototype that reveals the potential future of laptop design. Various media fraternities at MWC 2024 who have played around with Lenovo’s new Project Crystal transparent ThinkBook laptop have found it super exciting!

What are your thoughts on the Lenovo ThinkBook transparent laptop concept? What are the best use cases for a laptop like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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