All LEGO Fortnite Villagers and Their Special Skills

One of the unique features of LEGO Fortnite is the villagers, who act like your companions, unlike the villagers in Minecraft. These villagers are friendly NPCs who help you with a bunch of jobs and exploration. You can recruit or remove villagers in LEGO Fortnite anytime. And it’s necessary since different villagers are equipped with different skills. That’s why we have created this list to educate you about which villager is good at what job. This list will help you decide the best villager to add to your village in LEGO Fortnite.

Note: In LEGO Fortnite, villagers can be assigned any task. Their rarity will determine how fast they can perform the task. If a villager has a certain skill, they will be able to perform that particular job faster and will produce better rewards.

1. Common Villagers

Common villagers are easy to come across and will join you as soon as you build a village square in the game. Some of the common villagers are good in the early stages of LEGO Fortnite. You will get one starter villager as you make a world, and they will be a common villager.

Cuddle Team LeaderStarterStarter Tips
Brite BomberStarterStarter Tips & Gather Resources
AuraStarterGather Resources
SprocketAny BiomeGather Resources
Blue SquireGrasslands Combat Companion
OtisGrasslands Cooking
SkyeAny BiomeCollect Gem & Smelt Metal
RobinGrasslands Combat Companion
RoanAny BiomeGather Resources
DanaAny BiomeGather Resources
HayseedGrasslands Farming
SunflowerGrasslands Farming & Gathering Fertilizer
SparkplugAny BiomeGather Resources

2. Uncommon Villagers

Although common villagers are good for receiving basic tips when starting out, you wouldn’t want them around once you start exploring more of your LEGO Fortnite seed. Uncommon villagers will start joining the more you expand your village.

LionbrandAny Biome Combat Companion
FishstickAny Biome Cooking
GusDry Valley Combat Companion
PetraDry Valley Gather Resources & Collect Gems
Sally SailsShore Combat Companion
SaltyShore Cooking
YetiFrostland Gather Resources
SawyerDry Valley Combat Companion

3. Rare Villagers

In LEGO Fortnite, rare villagers like Meowscles, Peely, and Beef Boss can be easier to find once you start exploring your world. However, their job skills and task-performing speed put them in the rare category of villagers.

BushrangerGrasslands/ FrostlandGathering & Collect Gem
TabbyAny BiomeCollect Gem
MeowsclesAny BiomeCombat Companion & Collect Gem
PeelyAny BiomeCooking & Collect Gem
Beef BossAny BiomeCooking
NuggetDry ValleyCombat Companion
RexDry ValleyGather Resources
RaptorAny BiomeGather Resources & Combat Companion
Snow CapFrostlandSmelt Metal & Cooking
SlushFrostlandGather Resources & Textiles
SilasAny BiomeGather Resources
FlintDry ValleyCraft Textiles

4. Epic Villagers

Finding epic villagers in LEGO Fortnite can be hard as the probability of finding them is very small. Furthermore, the epic villagers are well-known for being lazy. That is why epic villagers do not visit the village without you finding them.

If you recruit epic villagers, they will come in very handy as their job speed is faster than any other villagers in the game.

TomatoheadGrasslands/ Dry ValleyCooking
Carl ReefShoreGather Resources & Collect Gem
BlackheartShoreCombat Companion & Gather Resources
CrystalGrasslandsFarming, Cooking & Collect Gem
Frozen FishstickFrostlandCooking & Collect Gem
MazyDry ValleyCollect Gem & Smelt Metal
Polar PeelyFrostlandCooking & Collect Gem
CalamityDry ValleyCombat Companion
RustlerDry ValleyCombat Companion

Now that you know which villagers to recruit in LEGO Fortnite, tell us your favorite villager in the comments below.

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  • Nawwwwwq says:

    Bob is not on the list

  • Foxtrot says:

    Mazy is terrible at everything I’ve tried her at in different villages and in different worlds. She has walked up in both the desert and the frost biomes.

  • lishhhhmm says:

    This is purely incorrect at least for their locations and and their rarity. About the skills I have not tested,

    • Gmb428 says:

      Pretty sure the skills are just completely made up too lol. I agree that the raritys are inaccurate. So many of these “rare” ones are super common and some of the first to show up. There’s regular villagers that show up at your village and then there’s the couple that can only be found and brought back, that’s the only distinction. The “rarities” are unsupported opinions. And as far as I’ve tested any villager will do any assigned job at the same rate.

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