How Long Is a Day and Night Cycle in LEGO Fortnite?

In Short
  • A full day and night cycle in LEGO Fortnite lasts for 30 minutes in the real world.
  • This is divided into two 15-minute sections of day and night each.
  • There is no way to skip time in LEGO Fortnite, including by sleeping.

Like any other survival game, LEGO Fortnite has a working day and night cycle. And depending on the time of the day, the gameplay changes and affects everything around you. If you’re someone who wants to plan their approach depending on the day-night cycle, you are in luck. Keep reading as we tell you how long a day and night cycle is in LEGO Fortnite, so you can make the most of it.

The game begins with a full day cycle, at which point things are quiet and safer. Daytime is best for gathering resources and preparing your base for what lies ahead. However, once night falls, things become high-stakes. Newer enemies start popping out, making exploration a risky affair.

Since there isn’t any in-game tracker to see how long the day and night cycle is, we used a real-world timer to test it. As per our testing, here are the results:

  • The daytime in LEGO Fortnite lasts for 15 real-world minutes. This includes a full sunrise and sunset.
  • The nighttime lasts for another 15 real-world minutes, and this is when you’ll have to fend off creatures in LEGO Fortnite.
  • Adding it all up, a full day and night cycle in LEGO Fortnite takes 30 real-world minutes.
LEGO Fortnite night-time

While this might seem like a quick time, note that even thirty minutes can change a lot inside the game. So, while you might enjoy basking in the sunlight, angry creatures like skeletons will swamp your village during the nighttime.

Can You Speed Up Day and Night Cycle in LEGO Fortnite?

While in survival games like Minecraft, you can speed up the time, LEGO Fornite isn’t one of them. This also means you can’t use the bed in the game to skip time, and they only act as respawn points. So, sleeping in LEGO Fortnite to pass the time is out of the question. In the end, the day and night cycle in the game is something you have to experience.

The daytime in LEGO Fortnite

Minecraft fans might be a bit disappointed to find this out since you can sleep during the night to skip the time there. However, note that we are very early in the game’s life cycle. Epic Games has confirmed it will update and add more content as well as features to LEGO Fortnite in the coming months. This means we might get the ability to skip the day and night cycle in the game.

Now you know how long is a day-night cycle in the game and can plan your expeditions accordingly. Remember, the fun in LEGO Fortnite comes from the adventures you take. Hence, experience both the day and night to live through the unique gameplay.

What are your thoughts about not being able to skip the day and night cycle? Do let us know in the comments below!

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