How to Build a Farm in LEGO Fortnite

In Short
  • To create a farm, you need soil, fertilizer, and seeds.
  • You collect soil by shoveling the ground, fertilizer from animals, and seeds from Grain Mill or random chests.
  • Once collected, create a garden plot from the blueprint, and place your desired seeds.

As LEGO Fortnite has too much to do, it can get daunting to pick exactly what you should do next. However, if you are the sort of player who likes a quiet life, then you’ll love to know the game even has farming. So, if you are bored of going around and looting, this is the perfect guide for you. Join us as we talk about how to build a farm in LEGO Fortnite.

Resources Required to Build a Farm

Before we can make our farm, we need to gather a few things. These include tools like a shovel that will help us dig up the dirt, seeds to plant, and fertilizers to grow the crops.

ItemsMaterials Required
Shovel3x Wooden Rods
1x Plank
FertilizerDropped by animals
SeedsFound in Chests
Made using Grain Mill

Generally, you get fertilizers from cows, sheep, or other animals in LEGO Fortnite. If you’re having trouble, then first learn how to get fertilizer in the game before proceeding.

Most importantly, you will need seeds. The first method is through exploration. Chests around the map sometimes contain seeds in them. The second method is by processing raw materials using a Grain Mill.

How to Make a Farm in LEGO Fortnite

Now that we have all the items, follow the steps below to build your farm in the game.

  • Pick a place and shovel out two pieces of soil from the ground. There are no restrictions on how you do it. Just shovel them out from any green patch of land.
Dig up Soul to build the garden plot
  • Once you have shoveled the soil, collect some fertilizer (or poop) from any animal herd.
Collect fertilizer to start building your LEGO Fortnite Farm
  • Now, open the Build menu and select garden plot under the utility section. You will require two soil and one fertilizer to create one garden plot.
Garden Plot lego fortnite
  • Create as many garden plots as you want anywhere on the ground.
Put a garden plot to create your farm
  • Once the garden plot is made, interact with it and plant the required seeds. Each garden plot can store up to five seeds at a time.
Place your seeds into the garden plot to create your desired LEGO Fortnite farm
  • Now, leave them overnight, which is roughly 15 minutes in LEGO Fortnite’s day and night cycle, and they’ll grow to full size.
How to Build a Farm in LEGO Fortnite

Congratulations, you’ve created your plant farm in LEGO Fortnite. From here on, you can focus on beautifying the plot of land by placing fences or ornaments. Furthermore, you can reuse the plot once you’ve yielded your harvest.

We hope this article helped you live your gardening dreams in-game and that you created some of the best gardens in LEGO Fortnite. Share your builds with us in the comments below.

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