Is Deadpool in X-Men? Answered

In Short
  • Deadpool made his first theatrical appearance in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie back in 2009.
  • After its tremendous failure in his first cameo, Ryan Reynolds created a new franchise to present a comic-accurate Deadpool.
  • According to the information we have about Deadpool 3, we might get to see Deadpool join the X-Men.

Marvel is all set to throw in its biggest release of all time, Deadpool 3, later this year, and if you are a fan of Deadpool, I know how excited you might be. Now, we all know that Deadpool does not exactly do very well with teams. Even after this, he has been a part of the X-Men occasionally on the pages of comic books, and it seems that he is going to do the same in the Deadpool 3 movie. However, did you know that Deadpool appeared on screen even before his first standalone movie in 2016? Here are all the appearances of Deadpool in X-Men movies and comics.

Deadpool In X-Men Movies: First Appearance

Is Deadpool in X-Men? Answered
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Many people think that Deadpool made his first theatrical appearance in the 2016 feature film. But, this is not exactly true. Deadpool’s first live-action appearance was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009. Ryan Reynolds was cast for the role and being a hardcore Deadpool fan, he was highly dissatisfied with the way the character was portrayed.

He already predicted the backlash this twisted depiction of Deadpool faced and then carried on to build a standalone franchise to portray Deadpool in a comic-accurate manner. So, technically, we should thank the Director of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Gavin Hood for this inaccurate depiction of Deadpool, because if that had not happened, we’d most probably never have witnessed the best live-action anti-hero movie series.

Deadpool’s Appearance in X-Men Comics

Is Deadpool in X-Men? Answered
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Contrary to popular belief, Deadpool was never a part of X-Men officially. Deadpool made his comic debut in The New Mutants #98 published in 1990. Now, there are two major reasons why Deadpool is not in X-Men comics.

Firstly, he is too unstable and has a fluctuating morality to be a part of X-Men. Secondly, from Wade’s point of view, the X-Men are a band of do-gooders who sometimes refrain from doing things that have to be done like, you know, killing people.

Even though Wade doesn’t think too highly of the X-Men, he still wishes to join them since he lacks acceptance from people. In Deadpool #15, he figures out that the only people who can accept him are the X-Men. However, when Deadpool approaches them, he is initially rejected by Cyclops.

After Wolverine’s concern regarding Deadpool being too unstable to be just left out in the world, they offer a probationary spot to Deadpool on the team. However, it didn’t last for long. So, in short, Deadpool to date is not an official part of the X-Men in the comics.

Will Deadpool Be a Part of X-Men in Deadpool 3?

Is Deadpool in X-Men? Answered
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It’s no secret at this point that along with Wolverine, several other members of the X-Men are going to appear in Deadpool 3. This is exciting since this means that X-Men are now going to be a part of the MCU as well.

So, now the question is, will Deadpool become a part of the X-Men in Deadpool 3? If we look at all the details we have right now about the movie, he certainly is going to work with Wolverine and maybe some other X-Men. However, as far as I think, to maintain the funny and rather frenemy-like relationship with the X-Men as portrayed in the comic books, it’s unlikely Marvel Studios will make Deadpool a part of the X-Men officially.

Who played Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Is Deadpool an Avenger?

No, Deadpool is not an Avengers but has caused his share of troubles for them and has on occasion worked with Spider-Man as well.

In which X-Men movie Deadpool first appeared?

Deadpool first appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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