Is Content Warning Still Worth Buying Now That It Isn’t Free?

In Short
  • After an amazing free trial run, Content Warning is now priced at $7.99 on Steam.
  • In terms of the balance of horror and comedy, the game is worth it.
  • Furthermore, the game also offers you mods, and new content already, along with the developers taking constant feedback from the players.

Indie games taking over a majority Steam player base isn’t anything new. We saw the trend begin with games like Palworld and Lethal Company. Supposed to be new creations, these games walked into virtual stores and took gamers by storm. But, when Content Warning was announced on April Fools’ Day as a free game, I was a bit hesitant.

Despite fearing it was stupid malware, I downloaded it. After sinking two days into this scarily funny adventure, I can say I enjoyed Content Warning to the fullest. But now that the game is paid, the rest of you have to pony up. Well, is it still worth paying for Content Warning?

Going Viral Has Never Been More Fun

Content Warning comes with a simple quest. Head into the scary Old World, capture something spooky and upload it to SpookTube to go viral. While heading down into the deep recesses of the haunted past is fun, my ultimate satisfaction lies in the views and comments.

Despite being a game, viewer comments aren’t random gibberish. Somehow, the audience matches the scene, and everything makes sense. The accuracy became so great that I feared the video was actually on a website somewhere. Nonetheless, the accuracy itself motivated me to try to get more views.

Get more Views in Content Warning cover

Even when you are just in the recording session, everything is taken into account. Every little element, from shooting the intro to getting your own audio, getting equipment, and engaging with different monsters, it all counts!

You perform all these shenanigans to make fast money and get rich. Things start to become even funnier when you have your friends around you. The horror and the fun part are balanced perfectly.

Content, More Content; Without Warning

While it is true that indie games take community feedback seriously, game development is a hefty task. Well, Landfall took that challenge and delivered. So, without any warning, when the game got its first patch update, which was supposed to be for bug fixes, it brought more stuff to create content in the game.

You now get party poppers, a reporter mic, and a projector in the garden too. All of these, within two days of release, are a great step forward for the Content Warning community and the team in general. This shows that they are here to deliver more content (pun intended) to everyone who owns the game.

Besides adding the items, the developers have also acknowledged the bugs and issues and promised to fix them as time goes on. This is an important part of growing a good game community, in my opinion.

Image Courtesy: Landfall Publishing

Another thing to remember is that Content Warning already has tons of amazing mods. Besides making games sillier, mods inject them with endless possibilities. The developers of Content Warning support this move, which is a huge win for the game and the players alike.

So, if you enjoy horror paranormal footage-style games and you have friends to play them with, Content Warning is definitely worth buying. The game is a total balance of horror and fun, and it has a lot of promise to grow.

What do you think about Content Warning? Have you got the game already? Share your thoughts on the game in the comments below.

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