All Monsters in Content Warning and How to Escape Them

In Short
  • Content Warning comes with many monsters that tally up to more than 25.
  • Thankfully, some of these monsters come with methods you can use to escape them.
  • We have detailed all the major monsters and how to escape them so you may survive.

Content Warning, at its core, seems like a simple game. All you have to do is capture spooky videos and upload them to go viral. While you can easily get more views and make more money, what they don’t tell you is that the videos you need to shoot are of monsters. As you can already tell, they won’t be friendly. Thankfully, there is a way to escape all of them. We encountered almost all of the monsters in the game while finding possible ways to survive their wrath. So if you want to save your own skin, keep reading as we tell you all about them.

All Monsters in Content Warning

We have encountered a total of 25 monsters in the game, and none of them are friendly at all. While there are other types of hazards in the game, our list below mentions only the monsters. These are:

  • Angler
  • Whisker
  • Fan
  • Hammer
  • Larva
  • Iron
  • Vacuum
  • Snail (Zombie)
  • Slimer (Jello)
  • Gundog
  • Bomber
  • Harpoon
  • Squid
  • Chokelegs
  • Spider
  • Iron Maiden (Weeping)
  • Snatcher (Snatcho)
  • Ear
  • Mouthe
  • Big Slap
  • Flicker
  • Eye Bird (Eyeguy)
  • Barnacle
  • Slurper (Roof Monster)
  • Animal Statues

How to Survive Monsters in Content Warning

It is always easy to just run away from the monsters to escape in Content Warning. But what if they are near or have captured you already? Well, follow our guide to learn how to survive some of these monsters.

1. Whisker

Whisker in Content Warning
Whisker Runs Fast

A toolkit monster who loves its whisker-shaped head and runs at you with full force. The game has other toolkit monsters such as the hammer, vacuum, and fan too.

How to Survive: Keep steady until it locks on. Move aside when it is close and try to make it smash a wall. It will take it down and stun it for a while. Run during that time.

2. Snail (Zombie)

Snail Zombie in Content Warning
Zombie Snail

A slow and peaceful Zombie-like snail that just wants a taste of you. Easy to spot thanks to the big shell on its back.

How to Survive: Walking away is easy, but if they are in a group, keep your distance. If it grabs you, use the movement, jump, and crouch buttons to escape.

3. Gundog

Stuck in chamber with scary enemy in Content Warning
The Gundog is not a Friendly Pet

A dog roaming around the Old World waiting for an owner to shoot. If it finds one, it will rain bullets upon them.

How to Survive: Try to stay away from its red laser light. You will be okay if you are not in the line of sight.

4. Spider

Spider in Content Warning
Stay away from the Broodmother

A big-headed spider crawling around the Old World for some flesh. Swings web towards the movement paths to pin down its prey.

How to Survive: Avoid getting in contact with its web as it will slow you down. Keep your stamina bar high to escape it using your movement and jump buttons.

5. Slurper (Roof Monster)

Captured by Slurper
Staying Upside Down until Saved

Captures you on contact and puts you in an upside-down position. Deals little damage every second until the person is saved or killed.

How to Survive: Throwing any kind of object at the Slurper will make it leave your friend. You cannot save yourself from Slurper so we suggest running.

6. Snatcher (Snatcho)

Snatcher or Snatcho in Content Warning
Darkness Lover Snatchers

The darkness worshippers crawl into the outside area of the Old World. They often surprise you by grabbing people and throwing them at other players, damaging both.

How to Survive: Snatchers are fast and arrive out of nowhere. Use the flashlight as soon as they are close to shoo them away.

7. Iron Maiden (Weeping)

Capture Monster Engagements (Iron Maiden/ Weeper)
Love to See Friends in Danger

The Weeping Iron Maiden monster appears out of nowhere and grabs you or a friend inside. It does not damage you until the timer runs out.

How to Survive: Solve the catchya (captcha) to save your friend from this monster within the time limit.

That concludes the list of Content Warning monsters and how to escape them. We will keep adding methods for all monsters as we find them so don’t worry! Did you have any luck making it out alive? Let us know in the comments below!

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