Content Warning Patch Adds New Items but Misses Crucial Bugs

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In Short
  • Content Warning received a new patch within two days of its release, which adjusted emote prices and added an inverted mouse option.
  • In addition, a Reporter Mic, Sounds Player, Party Popper, and a projector in the garden are added to the game.
  • Bugs such as the disk being able to be duplicated if you picked it up simultaneously, and decreased hard drive usage for recordings are also fixed.

If you have spent the last two days on the Internet, you might have noticed that Content Warning is racking up a storm. And with famous games come infamous bugs. Luckily, Landfall Games acknowledged the bugs and released a new patch for Content Warning within a day.

The Content Warning April 3 patch notes detail that the update comes with a string of new items that will help your monster journey. Here is everything added or fixed in the new Content Warning update:

  • Reporter Mic
  • Sounds Player
  • Party popper
  • Projector in the garden

You can now shop the new Reporter Mic, Sounds Player, or Party Popper to enhance your content to get more views and make more money in Content Warning. A projector has been added in the garden for you and your friends to watch all the shenanigans you did with the monsters in the Old World.

Additionally, the patch fixed some crucial bugs, such as the disk’s ability to be duplicated if you pick it up at the same time, and decreased hard drive usage for recordings. The emote prices are also adjusted so that more of your friends can spam them in the content. An inverted mouse option has also been added for the not-so-typical mouse users.

Audio and Other Crucial Bugs Remain

Despite Landfall acknowledging the crucial bugs earlier in an X post, they haven’t been addressed.

In the patch update, it is mentioned that the voice issues, connection, and hosting issues along with the camera footage extraction failure and footage not visible, are already being worked on. We will have to wait and see when that comes to fruition.

I think releasing a patch update within two days of launch is a great sign for the game. Do you think the new additions are good? What do you think about the concerning bugs? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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