How to Get More Views in Content Warning

In Short
  • Filming creepy and spooky encounters gets you more views in Content Warning.
  • Try to capture the intro, surroundings, different monsters, and all the little details to get better viewership on SpookTube.
  • You can also upgrade your production quality by getting better equipment from the shop.

Life as a wannabe content creator can be hard. It’s even harder when you have to risk your skin to go viral in games like Content Warning. Players who’ve dived into the Old World for a few hours already know how hard it is to get more views into the game. We felt the same so we decided to struggle ourselves and compile a list of the best tips on how to get more views in Content Warning. So, if you’re looking for ways to go viral, keep reading:

1. Nail the Intro

Like any video worth its salt, nothing hits harder to audiences as a good intro. This also applies to the world of Content Warning. The game’s video platform, SpookTube, is full of viewers who require a nice intro hook. As such, you need to tell people about yourself when you start your journey to become a viral SpookTuber.

Capture intro and surroundings
Show the Beginnings

So, if you are looking for some early views in your videos on Content Warning, capture your team’s introduction along with all the places you visit. Be it abandoned factories, broken boats, or dead trees, the audience will love it all!

2. Monster Variety

Nobody likes stale content, right? No matter how spooky a monster is, showing the same creature over and over will get old. That is why once you are in the Old World, make sure to capture different kinds of monsters with your camera.

Stuck in chamber with scary enemy in Content Warning
You Can Get Stuck with Not So Friendly Monsters

Be selective and save your footage capacity for the monsters that deserve it. Different people like seeing different monsters, so SpookTube serves all types of audiences, and you need to tap into that!

3. Skulls & Bones

While monsters and spooky environments are scary, skulls and bones are loved by everyone. So, next time you spot a bone or skull in the Old World, make sure you share it with your viewers. Performing emotes with skulls and bones in hand can also boost your views in Content Warning.

Capture Skulls or Bones in video
Skulls are Indeed Spooky for Viewers

4. Engage with Monsters

Emoting with bones and skulls is fun, but what if you engage with real monsters? Well, it is actually loved by the SpookTube audience. When we first jumped into Content Warning, the first video got us more than 1K views because I captured my friend’s sacrifice.

Capture Monster Engagements
Love to See Friends in Danger

You can also use equipment like the Goo Ball or Shock Stick on monsters to capture it so that more eyes can see your content. Filming your friend being stuck with the cage monster is also good content. Make sure to use all the different types of monsters to your advantage!

5. Production Quality Is Key

For players who have a decent amount of money, upgrading their video quality will go a long way. To do that you simply need to visit the shop and find better equipment. Make sure you showcase these amazing tools on your camera for the content.

New equipment for better videos
Lights, Camera, Spooktube

The audience loves the Clipper’s clap or the enhanced audio captured from that Boom Mic. Or, maybe you get a Flair light to add a spooky touch to your content. Whatever the case, invest in better equipment.

These are the ways to get more views on Content Warning. Have you found other methods? Share them in the comments below.

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