The iPhone 12 Mini Doesn’t Support 15W Charging with MagSafe

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Apple released four new iPhones last month and announced a new MagSafe wireless charging method for all of them. During the announcement, Apple simply mentioned that MagSafe can fast wireless charge the iPhones at 15W depending on your charger, but it turns out that’s not true for all iPhone models. According to an Apple support page, the smallest iPhone 12 variant — iPhone 12 mini — will not be charged at 15W regardless of the power adapter you use.

According to the page, the iPhone 12 mini can only charge at a maximum 12W with the MagSafe charger. You will need to use a power adapter rated at at least 9V/ 2.03A for charging the iPhone 12 mini at 12W.

On the other hand, the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max can all be charged at the 15W speeds claimed by Apple during the event. For this however, you will need a power adapter rated at 9V/ 2.22A or 9V/ 2.56A. Bear in mind that even if you use an adapter that’s rated above 9V/ 2.56A, the charging speeds will still be limited to 15W.

So if you were planning on buying an iPhone 12 mini (I am very tempted to get one as well, by the way), you should know that MagSafe won’t charge it as fast as the other iPhones in the line-up. Not that 15W is going to be exceptionally fast anyway, but it’s definitely faster than 12W.

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